10-Wheeler Wing Van Cargo Capacity ★

10-Wheeler Wing Van Cargo Capacity

Our 10-wheeler wing vans are suitable for the transport of larger cargo and heavy types of equipment/materials. To book a wing van, schedule your deliveries 6 hours before the pick-up time or up to two weeks in advance.

10-Wheeler Wing Van Cargo Capacity

10-wheeler wing van starts at a base rate of ₱7,500 with an additional ₱85 per kilometer for less than or equal to 40kms distance covered and ₱65 for above 40kms distance covered from pick-up to the last drop-off destination. Price includes one Extra Helper, driver’s fee, vehicle use, fuel, and full-service (loading and unloading).

10W Price

Parking and tolls are extra and will be subject to reimbursement. Approved reimbursements are added and itemized in your monthly invoice for business customers.

10-Wheeler Wing Van Cargo Capacity10-wheeler Wing Van Dimension


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