3PL Delivery & Local Courier Service (2020 Choice)

3PL Delivery Local Courier Service

In 2016, Secretary Adrian S. Cristobal of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) noted that the Philippines has the highest logistics cost among ASEAN countries. Citing a study published by the World Bank, he said that the Philippines falls behind its ASEAN neighbors in terms of the “ease of doing business” based on the time and cost.

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When Transportify finally arrived in the country, one of the objectives it had was to bring a revolution to this problem— lowering the cost of traditional logistics methods of small to medium enterprises (SMEs) without forsaking the quality of service — now giving SMEs and start-ups a choice to a better courier service. You can check out the table below for the courier vehicle list available, which is updated this 2020.

Column 1Column 2Column 3Column 4
Vehicle TypeCargo DimensionCapacityStarting Price
IsEconomy (Sedan/Hatchback)L: 3.5 ft
W: 2 ft
H: 2.5 ft
200 kg₱190
IsEconomy Extra Space (SUV/MPV)L: 5 ft
W: 3.2 ft
H: 2.8 ft
300 kg₱240
IsL300/VanL: 7 ft
W: 4 ft
H: 4 ft
1000 kg₱470
4W Closed VanClosed Van (4W)L: 10 ft
W: 5 ft
H: 5.5 ft
2000 kg₱1950
6W Closed VanClosed Van Extra Space (6W)L: 14 ft
W: 6 ft
H: 6 ft
2000 kg₱2350

As the local counterpart of Deliveree, Transportify provides a wide array of services from 3PL delivery to moving services, all through its mobile and web application platform. As the primary goal of this local courier service provider is to help SMEs logistics by lowering costs, it offers affordable rates wherein clients only pay for what they need. This is particularly helpful for industries with deliveries that are neither big nor small enough. Since 2016 up to 2020, businesses now have the choice to opt into a better 3pl partner without breaking the bank.

Feravis Global Trading is one of such industries.

Established in 2010, Feravis is an importer and distributor based in Makati, Manila. They have several products ranging from sporting goods, fitness, housewares, and consumer electronics. Before using Transportify, they had problems with the absenteeism of their drivers as well as the waste in time whenever there are only small consignments since they have to wait until the truck is full.

To address the issue mentioned above, Feravis decided to outsource using the local courier service of Transportify. Aside from being a cheaper and faster alternative for their smaller deliveries, they also found it easier to track their shipments through the GPS of the Transportify app. “We don’t need gadgets like the GPS devices anymore, just the app, ’cause before, I was thinking of getting [a device], so I can monitor them (shipment)…” Feravis tells Transportify.

Adding to their confidence, it is not only them but also their customers who are very much satisfied with the service of Transportify. They said that customers are aware that it is a 3PL delivery service provider, and it improved their overall function and operation.

Together with Feravis, more and more SMEs are also discovering Transportify and the revolutionary 3PL services it offers its clients at a very affordable cost. With its rising patronage and the way it provides the “ease of doing business” with just a few clicks on its mobile and web application, Transportify may be the future of courier services in the Philippines. Don’t be late this 2020 in using the best and start having the choice to a better courier provider.

Advantage of 3PL Delivery & Local Courier Service for SMEs in Retail

Every industry faces different kinds of challenges, which prompts them to find an effective solution. In the retail sector, one of the primary concerns is how to create a convenient system of delivering products to the hands of the customers.

In the Philippines, the online selling industry has continued to thrive with more and more customers prefer to shop on their mobile phones. The businesses that are engaged in the sector, more known as e-commerce, are one of the significant users of local courier service.

There are many reasons why an e-commerce business would want to have a stable 3PL delivery system. But first, here is an overview of what these delivery services are all about.

What is 3PL?

3PL, which means third-party logistics, is a system used by a company in which it outsources the service of another business to complement its own. In short, a company that does not have its delivery system will engage the use of a courier service to manage its deliveries.

3PL in the retail industry

SME’s or small to medium enterprises will find it very beneficial to use the delivery system. Since these kinds of enterprises are still trying to make their way up to the top, then a solution that requires little cost is the best option.

A local courier service like Transportify provides just that kind of service. Starting businesses would not have to build a delivery department on their own because of 3PL delivery providers. This saves cost and time for the company.

Why use a local courier service?

There are tons of benefits that a business will acquire when they use 3PL delivery. Here are only some of them:

1Efficient delivery system

Courier service providers like Transportify provides a more efficient delivery option because they already have their delivery system. This means that a local courier would most likely know how to navigate the traffic and is more knowledgeable about the different locations in the area.

For this reason, the delivery will surely be on time, and your customers will be more satisfied. Also, the drivers of a 3PL delivery provider know how to take care of packages, assuring your customers that they will receive their orders free from any damage.

2Competitive Edge

Rose Ong, the Philippine Retail Association’s president, has advised retailers to find creative ways to make their online store more customer-driven. As such, the existence of a local courier service has provided small retailers a competitive edge over big-time enterprises.

These services help businesses gain a competitive advantage by giving customers a faster and better quality of delivery. It is essential that for retailers, customer satisfaction is the primary goal as one happy customer can turn into hundreds when they refer to your online store.

Also, a local courier service helps the company with a flexible and scalable delivery system such that when the sales are low, it cannot negatively affect the profit of the company borne out delivery costs. With a 3PL delivery, you will spend delivery cost only when you need them and as such, saves the small enterprise from unnecessary expenses.

Use Transportify for your enterprise in the retail industry

Using a 3PL system such as Transportify can vastly help your business venture. Not only does Transportify provide an efficient delivery system, but it also has a mobile application that enables you to get their service no matter where you and no matter what time it is.

Transportify duly caters to the needs of e-commerce enterprises as it has a wide selection of vehicles that packages of any size can be readily delivered. Moreover, the 3PL delivery drivers are also equipped with training and knowledge on how to handle delicate packages while being on time.

Businesses in the retail industries can significantly benefit from a local courier service like Transportify that helps them create an efficient delivery system as well as a competitive edge against other companies. So, if you are starting an e-commerce business, you can download the mobile application in the Play Store for Android users and the App Store for iPhone users.

Make your business bigger and better with the help of Transpotify’s effective courier service system.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much do local courier services cost in Metro Manila?

📦Xend is a local courier in Metro Manila that charges around P60-P200 (depending on the size) to have your packages delivered. Grab Express, on the other hand, is a Motorcycle courier that offers same-day delivery charges around P200-300+. If you’re looking to carry larger and bulky items, you can book Transportify’s 4 wheel vehicles where price starts at P190 +20/km.

Who offers affordable 3PL delivery for business use?

📦Motorcycle couriers like Grab Express are the best for Online Sellers, and they charge P80 as the base fare. If you need large vehicles, for SMEs, you can book Transportify’s 4 wheel vehicle with the smallest cost you P190 for the base fare. This is the future of logistics services in the country.


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