Transportify is bringing full service pickup and delivery to Manila

Transportify will be launching in Mega Manila and surrounding areas this month. By downloading the Transportify app on Google Play or Apple stores, you can access thousands of on-demand and professional service providers to meet your enterprise car rental, van for rent, or pick up car needs. Vehicle types include Motorcycle, Economy vehicle, L300, Pickup […]

Transportify is launching in the Philippines

As Southeast Asia’s leading on-demand delivery app, Transportify allows its customers to book and manage pickups and deliveries of almost anything. Same day? No problem. Prescheduled up to two weeks in advance? No problem. Multiple destinations in a single booking? No problem, you can have up to 10 per booking. What areas will Transportify cover? […]

Economic growth in the Philippines leads to market entry of new logistics players

The Philippines, known in Southeast Asia for its robust electronics exports, continues to grow strongly with GDP growth of 6.9% in the First Quarter of 2016 according the Philippines Statistics Authority (PSA). This broad economic growth is driving increased investor interest in parallel enabling economic sectors, particularly the transport and logistics sector. This includes domestic […]

Mobile tech driving change in Manila’s car rental industry

Manila’s budget car rental industry is undergoing rapid changes driven by mobile technology. Technology startup companies like Transportify are operating in the car-for-rent space and are changing the way companies and individuals lease cars, particularly when they need a full-service driver as well.  Utilizing an advanced yet user-friendly mobile and web app, Transportify is making it cheaper, easier, […]

From Asia Venture Capital to Venture Creation: The Rise of Venture Builders in Asia

As Asia’s tech startup ecosystem continues its rapid development in 2015, a new and emerging class of startup is hitting the scene – venture builders in Asia. These are companies that specialize in building other companies. Also referred to as company builders, startup builders, venture factories, and startup factories, a venture builder is a firm […]