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Flower Delivery in the Philippines: Making It Better Through Transportify!

Flower Delivery in the Philippines Making It Better Through Transportify

Local flower delivery services are minimal and finding a good flower delivery service is even more so. Some may offer free delivery but do not deliver on the same day. Some may deliver on the same day, but the prices are too high.

Fast delivery, affordable prices, reliable service are just some of the factors we look for when finding a flower delivery service in the Philippines that will suffice all our needs. Fortunately, people can find these qualities in Transportify.

Safe and Reliable

You can trust Transportify in taking care of the flowers while they get delivered to their destinations. Transportify drivers are trained to take all the necessary precautions to prevent loss or damage to your packages. Additionally, regular and business clients are entitled to an Insurance/Warranty Policy that guarantees how Transportify will be held responsible for damages their packages endured during the shipping. In a nutshell, clients do not need to worry about their flowers’ safety.

Fast and Fresh

Flowers are delicate, beautiful things that easily wither. But with Transportify’s same-day delivery, flowers will retain their freshness upon arrival at their destination. Our express delivery service will prevent flowers from withering during shipping. This will surely be hassle-free for both the customers and the flowers.

Big and Bright

Bulk orders are no problem for Transportify, whether for an event or a party. Flowers, no matter the size or amount of the order, will surely be taken care of. Transportify vans and trucks are more than capable of holding large orders. From L300 and HiAce vans to trucks, we will be able to hold big and bright flowers to accommodate our customers’ needs.

Here and There

Transportify now offers its sulit services in all of Luzon. Flower deliveries can now reach provinces on the far side of the island. Baguio, Pampanga, and Batangas are no feat for us and your flower deliveries. Just make sure that the package’s pick-up point is within Metro Manila area.

Affordable and Excellent

No matter how big the order and no matter how far the destination is, affordable prices can still be expected from Transportify. We ensure cheap prices and reasonable additional payments that reflect our excellent services to satisfy our customers.

Transportify’s delivery services are without a doubt making the flower delivery here in the Philippines better. From affordable prices and local same day deliveries, we have it.