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Getting To Know Transportify Trucks

Getting To Know Transportify Trucks

Transportify trucks have been serving Filipinos for more than a year now, driving through the roads of Mega Manila and streets of nearby provinces to deliver packages. Rain or shine, holiday or not, Transportify vehicles and delivery driver partners are always available. If you think that’s too good to be true, you can watch us get featured on Bloomberg TV Philippines’ show Bright Ideas.

However, only the most avid and long-time clients are very familiar with Transportify app’s Fleet and Pricing details. So for those planning to use this app, here are the things you should know about the different Transportify Vehicle options.

Economy Option

Economy vehicles are known for being a budget-friendly truck rental and suitable for packages that are not very big. These car models include Sedan, Hatchback, and MPV/SUV. For the Economy option, the standard price is P250 flat fare for the first 3 kilometers, while P20 will be charged per kilometer after.

Economy models can take a maximum of 200 kilograms or 3 XL balikbayan boxes (L 120cm x W 65cm x H 80cm), while the Economy Extra Space service which costs P100 flat allows up to 300 kilograms or 9 XL balikbayan boxes (L 175cm x W 100cm x H 85cm). Aside from this, there are also extra services available such as Add Destination, Special Help by Driver, and Extra Helper.

The Add Destination service that applies after the first destination costs P30 per destination. However, additional destinations are limited to 10 stopovers for standard fares.

The Special Help by Driver costs P60 per destination for 1-2 destinations and P30 per destinations for 3-10 destinations. The Extra Helper service provides the Transportify driver extra help in lifting heavy packages. This service costs P200 inclusive of 2 destinations and additional P50 per succeeding destinations.

A Full Day service has a flat price of P1800 that lasts only for 10 straight hours in a day – any work hour exceeding will be considered an overtime which costs P100 per hour. Additionally, the Special Help by Driver service costs P200 per day while Extra Helper service costs P400 per helper.

L300 Option

The L300 Option has the most number of vehicle type choices as clients can choose from L300 vans, HiAce, H100, and Urvan. While these vans may remind you of local UV express vans and public transportation, Transportify has revolutionized them for carrying packages instead of passengers. The standard fare price for the L300 Option starts at P600 flat for the first 3 kilometers and costs P30 per kilometer thereafter. These long vehicles can carry up to a maximum of 1000 kilograms or 19 XL balikbayan boxes (L 210cm x W 125cm x H 125cm), big enough for a Twin Size bed.

Extra services are also offered for this option such as Add Destination, Special Help by Driver, and Extra Helper services. Add Destination costs P30 per added destination after the first one but it is limited only to 10 destinations.

Just like the Economy Standard Fare, the Special Help by Driver option for L300 models costs P60 per destination for the first two stops, while it costs P30 per destination for the third to the tenth stops. The Extra Helper costs P200 inclusive of 2 stops, with a charge of P50 per additional destinations.

You can always try using the Full Day Option if you want to lessen your expenses a bit and rent the vehicle for 10 hours. Plus, this will grant you unlimited destinations as long as the destinations are within the standard service area for Transportify Manila. This option for L300 models costs P2800 flat fee for 10 hours, with an additional payment of P100 per hour for any hours exceeding the given 10 hours. Extra services like Special Help by Driver for this choice is only P200 for the whole day, while the Extra Helper will cost P400 per helper.

Closed Van Option

Trucks under the Closed Van Option are mostly used for larger and heavier packages since the available models for this choice are Elf (4W, 6W) and Canter (4W, 6W). These trucks can carry a maximum of 1700 kilograms or 31 XL balikbayan boxes (L 200cm x W 180cm x H 190cm) and big  enough for a sala set, and an Extra Space service maximum of 1900 kilograms or 62 XL balikbayan boxes (L 280cm x W 205cm x H 205cm) which is big enough for a King Size bed. For this option, the Standard Fare costs P2100 for the first 3 kilometers and an additional P50 per kilometer for the succeeding kilometers.

The Extra Services offered for the Closed Van Option are similar to Economy and L300 Options. The Add Destination costs P100 per destination after the first destination. It is also limited to only 10 destinations. The Extra Space service, which costs a P400 flat fee, matches the client to a much larger truck.

In the Closed Van Option, one Extra Helper is already provided to assist our Transportify delivery driver partners. If you wish to have two helpers, the Second Extra Helper service costs P200 per destination for the first and second destinations and P50 per destination for the third to the tenth destinations.

Just like the first two options, the Closed Van Option is also available for full day rentals. The flat price of P6000 is good for 10 hours. You can also request to rent the truck for more than 10 hours, but there will be a fee of P150 for every hour beyond the time limit. Since there is already an Extra Helper provided, availing the Second Extra Helper service for the whole day costs P400. Unlimited destinations also apply to full day Closed Van Options, as long as they are within the standard service area.

Transportify’s various types of available vehicles for immediate delivery services set it apart from other logistics service providers. With this kind of flexibility, Transportify is able to provide the right vehicle for the right package. Now that you know more about the different vehicles we offer, we hope you’ll be wiser in choosing the truck that matches the service you need!