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Female Entrepreneurs as Game Changers in the Philippine Art Industry

Female Entrepreneurs as Game Changers in the Philippine Art Industry Main

From being treated as second-class citizens to having the right to vote, go to school and work, women are finally breaking the glass ceiling perpetuated by the largely patriarchal society.  Furthermore, with the latest turn of the century and the continuous endeavour to spread awareness on  gender equality and women empowerment, more women are successfully having their own careers in entrepreneurship despite the systemic barriers of discrimination still present.

An example of such is Joanna Liza one of the owners of The Attic Gallery, who recently got on board with Transportify for their transactions with their clients and artists. The Attic Gallery is an art gallery focused on promoting the Filipino art industry. They are strategically conducting their art show and exhibitions in prestigious hotel lobby and common areas which cater mostly to foreign tourists and businessmen. It was a smart move considering the fact that most galleries tend to place their exhibits in malls due to the huge visitors traffic everyday. However, by placing their gallery in hotels, they are hitting two birds with one stone: selling the art of local artists at the right place, at the right price as well as showcasing the talents of our artists on an international avenue.

Before using Transportify they had problems in exclusively booking their artworks to prevent damage as well as the time it took for deliveries. As such, when they started with Transportify, they couldn’t help but notice all the positive changes it brought to their gallery. They saved as much as 8% in their expenses while getting better and faster service on a one-to-one basis for their consignments. They also appreciated the extra services offered by Transportify like the option for scheduled delivery, getting additional helpers, and the extended after-sales support.

“Others would require our end-user to pick it up from the gate or car but Transportify extended it to hauling it to where the customer wants.” Joanna tells Transportify.

Joanna is only one of many women entrepreneur who have successfully broken the stigma that women are “incapable” and “not suited” of having their own business just because, well, they’re women. A living proof that anybody could enter whatever field they want to and not be limited by their gender and societal expectations. They become the game changers not only in the art industry but in the field of business as a whole.

And Transportify is nothing but proud to be serving more and more women like them— catalysts of change for this country.