Referral Policy

So as to promote the use of Transportify Services, Transportify may, during a limited period and under the conditions set forth below, offer referral bonus to the User or Driver who refers new User to use Transportify Services. BY CREATING AN ACCOUNT WITH TRANSPORTIFY AND AGREEING TO THE USER’S OR DRIVER’S TERMS AND CONDITIONS, IT SHALL BE DEEMED THAT THE USER AND DRIVER HAVE ACKNOWLEDGED AND AGREED TO BELOW CONDITIONS ON REFERRAL BONUS. In this Policy, the User or Driver who refers new User to Transportify shall be called “Referrer” and the new User shall be called “Referee.” The conditions set forth below shall be construed in accordance with the User’s or Driver’s Terms and Conditions as the case may be.

  1. Referral bonus campaign may be implemented from time to time by Transportify. The details and conditions of each campaign, such as, length of campaign, form of referral bonus, and calculation of bonus, may vary from one campaign to another as shall be solely determined by Transportify. Transportify shall inform the User and Driver of the details and conditions of each campaign. However, Transportify reserves the right to make any changes or terminate the campaign without giving prior notice to the User and Driver.
  2. The person who refers new User to Transportify shall be considered as a Referrer eligible to receive referral bonus only if such person has registered a Transportify account either as a User or a Driver prior to the referral.
  3. Each Transportify account will be assigned with a unique referral code. The Referee must provide referral code of the Referrer when using the Services. In the absence of referral code, the Referrer cannot claim its entitlement to the referral bonus.
  4. The referral bonus may be given to the Referror in various form such as Transportify Credits, cash, or any non-cash items. The referral bonus of the User may be different from that of the Driver. The form, amount, and manner of claiming of the referral bonus shall be solely determined by Transportify.
  5. Referral bonus, together with the Referrer’s performance report, shall be given to the Referrer at the time scheduled by Transportify in each referral bonus campaign.
  6. In case that referral bonus is offered in the form of cash, Transportify may request Referrer to submit the personal and banking information to be used for the payment. By submitting the personal and banking information to Transportify, the Referrer confirms and guarantees that the information provided is true and correct. Transportify shall not be responsible for Referrer’s failure to receive any payment resulting from Referrers own fault of providing false or incorrect information to Transportify. Should the Referrer fail to provide Transportify with complete personal and banking information required to make the payment, Transportify shall have the right to postpone such payment to the next referra bonus payment schedule. When making the cash payment, Transportify shall withhold any tax on the amount payable in accordance with the law.
  7. Should any dispute concerning the referral bonus campaign arise between Transportify and Referrer, Referrer accepts that Transportify’s findings and decisions on the dispute are final and conclusive.
  8. Transportify may, from time to time, revise the terms of this Referral Policy and it reserves its rights to do so without providing prior notice to the Referrer and Referee.