1. Shipper Declaration

The User, or agent of such User, both referred to as “Shipper” warrants that the shipment is well packed and does not contain any hazardous or prohibited items (ie. illegal drugs, explosives, firearms, human remains, live animals and all other items prohibited by the law or that requires special government permit for its transport.

2. Right to Inspect and Reject

Transportify or its Driver Partner may inspect the contents of the shipments in the presence of the Shipper or his representative to verify the declaration above.Transportify or its Driver Partner reserves the right to reject a shipment at any time if there is a reasonable basis to believe that such shipment would cause danger to the Driver Partner of his equipment or such shipment contains hazardous or prohibited items.

3. Contact Center Support

Transportify maintains an easily accessible contact center during regular business hours to quickly resolve disputes resulting from the declarations and rights mentioned above.