Standard Service

Standard Service


  • Immediate
  • Schedule


  • Economy
  • L300/Van
  • Pickup Truck
  • Closed Van
  • 10w Wing Van


When you book any of the above vehicles, your standard price is inclusive of the below services:

  • Driver
  • Vehicle
  • Fuel
  • Loading at pick-up
  • Unloading at each destination

Note: Loading and unloading limited to 15 meters from the vehicle for Economy, L300/Van, Pickup Truck, Closed Van, and 10w Wing Van.


Your driver must ask in advance for your permission to be reimbursed for the following costs (each requires an authentic receipt or valid photo):

  • Tolls from pick-up to final destination
  • Parking at pick-up or any destination

Note that it is always the responsibility of the driver to pay their own tolls on the way to pick-up location.

For Business Program customers, reimbursements are handled in the app. No cash required.

For extra wait time fees beyond 60 minutes per location, click HERE.

For 10w Wing Van bookings, extra wait time fees beyond 6 hours per location has an additional charge of ₱200 per succeeding hour. Click HERE for full details.


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