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Make Christmas More Convenient with Transportify

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The Christmas season is not always fun and games. Before Christmas Eve dinners and office Christmas parties could be enjoyed, some people worked hard to make sure that everything is in place. If you are one of those people who gets busy to make their loved ones perfectly happy during the holidays, here are the different ways to make your preparation more convenient with the help of the Transportify app.

Try our Sedan for Delivering Gifts!

We understand the time and effort you invest in wrapping your gifts to make them look even more special. With Transportify, sending gift-wrapped packages is safer and more secure. Unlike other logistics providers who use motorcycles, Transportify uses sedan for delivery.  You can be guaranteed that your beautifully wrapped gifts won’t have damages.

Use our Food and Flower-friendly Services!

Our sedan services can be used for more than just delivering gift-wrapped packages. We also accept food delivery like cake and cupcakes, and flower deliveries in bouquets and in baskets. The sedan will keep the food and flowers fresh with its air-conditioning, and shield them from the harshness of sun and rain. If you’re planning to send flowers as Christmas gifts, or bring lots of cakes to your office party, just use the Transportify app to avoid the hassle of bringing them yourself.

Deliver Company Giveaways with Us!

Companies love distributing giveaways among employees during the Christmas and New Year seasons. If you need help in hauling those boxes or bags of giveaway goods into your office before party attendees arrive, Transportify’s cheap parcel delivery service is to the rescue. You can choose among our delivery vehicles what best suits your giveaways. If you’re giving away appliances like TVs, refrigerators, and washing machines, we got you covered with our L300 vans and 4-6 wheeler trucks. You don’t need to carry the burden of heavy giveaways—save your energy for the party later.

Partner with Us for Caterings!

Ever experience the hassle when you found out that your catering service won’t be able to deliver the party food on time? Stressful right? But with Transportify’s local same-day delivery and fast courier services, your problem is solved. Unlike other logistics provider that has restrictions on food with strong scents, Transportify even accepts lechon (roasted pig) deliveries! We also accept Noche Buena deliveries for huge family reunions and celebrations so you can enjoy the holidays without having to run around cooking in the kitchen all day long.

We hope that these suggestions in using Transportify app advantages would help you enjoy a stress-free and worry-free holiday season.