Batch Booking on the Web App

The Batch Booking feature provides a faster way of creating and managing multiple bookings. With this, customers can efficiently create 10 or more bookings in just a few minutes and confirm it in a single click. There are two ways to do Batch Booking:

Batch Booking Using Our Web App

This allows you to create multiple bookings directly on the app. This is recommended for transactions with up to 10 bookings. Watch the video tutorial below:

To book using Batch Multiple, follow these steps:

Batch Booking on the Web App

It also offers a more convenient way of supervising bookings in large quantity. Customers can organize and consolidate the bookings by setting a Batch Name and Booking Names for easier monitoring. You can also save your previous bookings or the whole Batch to record the details and use it on your next transaction.

To know how to create Batch Booking using the EZ Sheet Upload, click below.


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