Corporate Account Benefits ★

Transportify is available for use by anyone, from individuals to SMEs to large corporate customers in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. For business or enterprise customers, Transportify offers corporate accounts, through its Business Program, benefits made specifically for businesses. ​

What Are The Benefits of Having a Corporate Account?

  • Formal Invoicing / Official Receipts
  • Enroll multiple employees or co-workers to book in your corporate account
  • Goods Insurance up to Php 3 Million per booking
  • Delivery Document Return (or “POD” return) – collect and return delivery receipts
  • Operational Alignment – we adapt our software application and driver/vendor protocols to comply with your unique warehouse and transport processes.

Features Available to All Users but Loved by Businesses

  • 24/7 logistics service and customer support
  • Mark favorite drivers and assign bookings directly to those drivers
  • Ability to edit bookings in-app without canceling
  • Create multiple bookings (up to 50) at the same time in the app or via spreadsheet upload
  • Export your delivery data onto spreadsheets

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