Edit Your Booking ★

We understand that in some instances you may need to replace information on your booking. Good thing Transportify let’s you to edit information on your booking even after a driver has accepted it. 

instructions for customer editThere are two kinds of edit you can do; minor and major edits.
Minor edits are information that does not affect the driver en route. You may add or remove the following:

  • Discount Code
  • Notes/ Instructions
  • Contact Info

Major edits are information that greatly affects the driver en route. If changed, the driver may or may not accept the request. If the driver declines, you will be automatically assisted to look for another driver. The following are considered as major edits:

  • Location (Pick Up/Drop off)
  • Schedule (Date/Time)
  • Full day (Number of days and overtime)
  • Reimbursement for Toll/Parking

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