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Transportify DOES NOT practice double-booking in order to maintain a high-quality delivery experience for our users. Furthermore, our app prevents drivers from accepting bookings that overlap with each other.

What Are The Risks Associated With Allowing Double Booking?

Although we understand that other platforms allow or encourage double-booking, we avoid it due to the following risks:

  • Slow or unpredictable pickup or arrival times – drivers would wait to receive new bookings or work on other bookings even if your booking is ongoing
  • Items delivered to incorrect recipients – when drivers are doing multiple bookings, they may get confused and switch items between 2 separate bookings.
  • If you ask for priority delivery, drivers would frequently ask for an extra fee.

What To Do If You Experience Double Booking on Transportify?

Although we prohibit such practice on our platform and our app prevents drivers from accepting overlapping bookings, it is possible (even if unlikely) that a driver has a separate booking outside our app. In such instances, please report such incidents to our customer service via the chat function in your app.



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