Smart Load Planner ★

Is creating multiple bookings, combining your many deliveries, tedious and difficult? Then Transportify’s Smart Load Planner was made for you!

The Smart Load Planner saves you time and money by creating optimized bookings for you. Just upload via spreadsheet the items that you wished to be delivered and the Smart Load Planner will recommend the most optimal set of bookings for you with the lowest overall cost.

How Does the Smart Load Planner Do This?

By using an algorithm that considers the size, weight, and delivery locations of your many items and then chooses the vehicles and routes with the primary objective of giving you the lowest possible total cost.

Use the Smart Load Planner like a pro by remembering the following:

(1) You can review and adjust the Smart Load Planner’s recommendation if you don’t agree with the route plan or vehicle plan.

(2) You can upload up to 300 deliveries for the Smart Load Planner to convert to bookings.

(3) The Smart Load Planner is available on Web App only.

How To Use the Smart Load Planner (Web App)


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