Standard Service for Small Pickup ★

What is INCLUDED in the Standard Service for Small Pickup?

1. Driver – The driver will drive to your first destination (usually the pickup location) and throughout the route indicated in your booking.

2. Vehicle – The standard vehicles available are Nissan Navarra and Toyota Hilux. These vehicles have a maximum weight limit of 1,000kg.

3. Fuel – The driver or company that owns that truck bears this cost as a cost-of-doing business.

4. Loading/Unloading – Driver must load/unload within 15 meters of the vehicle. For extra help beyond this, please refer to the section below.

What is NOT INCLUDED in the Standard Service for Small Pickup?

1. Toll fees and parking expenses directly related to the delivery route

The driver may request for reimbursement of tolls or parking expenses if your desired route (from start to finish) includes toll fees and parking expenses. You may request that the driver take an alternate path that avoids tolls or parking. In such situations, please allow for extra time to complete the booking. The driver may not request toll reimbursements for going to the first location (usually the pick-up point) or returning home or to their vehicle’s garage. For business program customers, reimbursements of toll and parking expenses can be indicated on the app so no cash handling is required.

2. Services beyond loading/unloading within 15 meters

  • If you need the driver to do extra work such as going up several floors to deliver straight to your doorstep, please request “Special Help By Driver” in the “Services” section of the Transportify App for an additional fee.
  • If you require an Extra Helper to carry goods, please request an “Extra Helper” in the “Services” section of the Transportify App for an additional fee.

3. Waiting time

Please be considerate of the driver and helpers that serve you. Drivers are trained to expect up to 60 minutes of waiting time per location for free. Beyond that,  we encourage you to compensate your driver at 50 PHP per 30-minute increment after the 60 minutes free waiting time. 

For customers enrolled in Transportify’s Business Program, you may opt-in per booking to automatically compensate the driver for waiting time at the aforementioned rate and our app will handle all the calculations for waiting time and you will see the charges in your monthly billing statement. In all cases, our Customer Service is available 24/7 to assist you.

4. Packing, wrapping, boxing, and assembling of items

Packing, wrapping, boxing or assembly of items are not included in the Standard Service.

5. Tarpaulin Cover

In cases where you need additional protection for your goods, you can select “Tarpaulin Cover” on the Extra Services option.


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