Verification of Asset Retrieval ★

Retrieval of Assets Verification

Transportify supports work-from-home and hybrid work setups for BPO companies. Sometimes, employees of BPOs ask for our help in verifying with their company whether assets have, in fact, been retrieved from the employee and delivered to the company’s equipment hub. Usually, this is needed for the processing of final pay.

How Can Transportify Assist With Verification?

If you need us to verify with your BPO company about the retrieval of company assets from you, please follow the instructions below:

1. Contact our CS center via chat. You can do this via our mobile app or website.

2. Our CS representative will ask you to send an email to because Transportify’s client is the BPO company; therefore, we can only share information with the BPO company.

3. In your email, state the following:

    1. That you need help in verifying an asset retrieval.
    2. Your name, preferably the name that was indicated by your company in the Transportify booking.
    3. Your mobile number, preferably the number that was indicated by your company in the Transportify booking.
    4. The address from where the assets were retrieved.
    5. The booking number.
    6. Any pictures that you took of the retrieval.

4. Our privacy team will reach out to our contact person at your company within 24 hours to confirm the asset retrieval.

5. Our privacy team will notify you that we have reached out to your company already.

6. BPO companies allow our privacy team to provide you with the contact information of a representative from your BPO company with whom you can coordinate internally as well. For such BPO companies, our privacy team will send you such information as well.

We hope the process above can inspire confidence in our ability to assist you in resolving administrative issues arising from asset retrievals. Thank you.


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