Book For 6w Fwd Truck Closed Van Body ★


When booking for a 6w Fwd Truck, you might sometimes be assigned to a Wing-Van-Type of forward truck as our system offers it to all forward trucks available. Select this if you need our system to match your booking with a non-wing forward truck with a Closed-Van-Body type only.

A ‘Closed Van’ body for trucks is the most common truck-body type. It only opens from the rear part of the truck, unlike the ‘Wing Van’ bodies, which also open up from the sides:


Note: Selecting this extra service will make fewer vehicles available to accept your booking.

Where Can I Select a 6w Fwd Truck Closed Van Body?

When you book, you may select the “Closed-Van-Body” option in the extra services section of the Regular 6w FWD Truck service.



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