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      On-Demand Trucking Company in Cavite

      In the Philippines, there is a lot of room to grow your business. The wide area of Luzon offers plenty of market opportunities to see your business grow. However, the business expansion also means increasing the capacity of your logistics operations. For example, instead of just servicing deliveries within Metro Manila, you must be able to cover areas up North such as Pampanga and Baguio as well as down South like Laguna and Batangas.

      In situations wherein a company wants to expand and reach areas outside the National Capital Region, it must have a robust and well-established logistics team to be able to support long-distance deliveries. A business can choose to fulfill its own delivery operations. However, that would entail a lot of investment since the company would need to procure multiple delivery trucks in order to meet all delivery requirements.

      In addition to that, it would need to train new staff members to operate the entire process from scheduling bookings to planning routes and eventually dispatching the vehicles. It would also need to train a lot of drivers who will be carrying out these deliveries from Manila to Cavite or from Cavite to Bicol.

      With the scenario described above, it is easy to realize that managing your in-house logistics team is a lot of work and could be quite expensive. Therefore, the best solution would be to outsource the operations to an on-demand third-party logistics company such as Transportify.

      Rather than try and fulfill all logistics needs from Manila to Cavite or from Cavite to Baguio City, the business can focus on other important business operations such as sales and marketing. It can leave the delivery operations confidently with Transportify knowing that the logistics side of the business is in good hands.

      Furthermore, Transportify has a diverse fleet of vehicles that can accommodate almost any cargo freight operation. It has sedan, MPV, and L300 vans for last-mile delivery operations. These vehicles are ideal for small cargo such as food items, cosmetic products, and even office equipment assets. Most e-commerce retail companies use these vehicle types to transport ordered items into the homes of customers. For larger and bulkier deliveries, Transportify has a closed van, 6w Forward truck, and 10 wheeler wing van. These vehicles usually carry items like appliances and furniture.

      Frequently Asked Questions:

      Should I use a trucking company to move goods from Cavite?

      ? Cavite is an important area in Southern Luzon with plenty of business activity. Therefore, a business establishment based in Cavite might find itself drowned with plenty of delivery requirements. By using a trucking company like Transportify, it can outsource the logistics operations to an on-demand third-party logistics company and focus on other essential business operations.

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