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The Most Cost-Effective Closed Van For Delivery Service You Can Find

Closed Van For Delivery Service

True to its promise of logistics transportation that would suit your needs, Transportify provides vehicle service for every size of cargo and package delivery. Aside from H100s and Hiace Vans for small to medium-sized packages, Transportify also offers a cost-effective closed van for delivery service for your large cargo and packages. Through this, customers can book either a 4-wheeler or 6-wheeler closed van for delivery. Refer to the table below for the closed van’s dimension and capacity.

Column 1Column 2Column 3
Vehicle TypeCargo DimensionCapacity
4W Closed VanClosed VanL: 200 cm
W: 180 cm
H: 175 cm
1700 kg
6W Closed VanClosed Van+L: 280 cm
W: 205 cm
H: 205 cm
1900 kg

Simple and Easy to Use

With the increasing demand for a more convenient and simpler transaction, Transportify employs an advanced yet user-friendly mobile and web app to connect with its customers. Just a few taps on the screen or your keyboard and you are already on your way into booking a van for delivery anywhere around Metro Manila, Pampanga, and surrounding areas all over Luzon. With a veritable reserve of closed vans, freight trucks and other transport vehicles at your disposal like L300, Vans and more.

To book a closed van for delivery, input the pick-up and drop off locations and select the closed van icon on the app. You can select your desired Extra Services depending on your needs in the next part of the booking process. The calculated delivery charge for the full service appears before the booking confirmation.

OPEN APPLive Chat 24/7
Affordable Van For Delivery Service

You can book a cost-effective closed van delivery service for just ₱2,150 base fare with additional ₱50 per kilometer covered and ₱6,000 for Full Day service. Transportify caters all cargo transport services or lipat-bahay within our Standard Service Areas (SSAs) in Mega Manila and Pampanga to anywhere in Luzon. You can also book “multiple destinations” wherein you use the van for delivery of up to 15 destinations in one booking. With just ₱100 per added destination, you can already deliver to up to multiple destinations – all of which are guaranteed to be delivered on the same day.

Dependable Delivery App

Outsourcing or renting a closed van for delivery is, most of the time, a risky business. To this end, Transportify has undertaken steps to ensure that the client receives quality service and security for their closed van product deliveries. Unlike traditional logistics methods wherein you are not sure who will take your cargo and what will happen to them after, Transportify provides necessary information regarding your driver and a full GPS tracking system for your shipments. You will have the power to monitor the transaction the moment the closed van leaves your place. You will also have the assurance that all drivers have been appropriately screened and have undergone seminars and training regarding proper handling of deliveries and customer service.

Moreover, Transportify offers another level of high-quality service through its customer service live chat which is available at any time of the day. So in case any emergency arises, you are confident that Transportify will serve and assist you to the best of their abilities – ensuring our van for delivery service is available every step of the way.

With all these features offered by our larger van for delivery service, Transportify hopes to reach out to more consumers and businesses to provide more extensive options for transport and supply chain needs. Take advantage of our service, and hire a closed van for delivery today!