Commuter/Hiace Type Van ★

What is a Commuter/Hiace Type Van?

The Commuter/Hiace Type Van is a delivery van that has been converted from a passenger van simply by removing all the seats in the rear portion of the van. The advantages of booking this type of vehicle are the extra side access for loading/unloading and the ease of transport. This type of van is usually given more lenient treatment by areas that have stricter rules pertaining to entry for delivery vehicles.

If you are wondering what it looks like, here are the most common Commuter/Hiace Type Van models in Transportify.

Where can I select a Commuter/Hiace Type Van?

When you book an L300/Van, you may select the Commuter/Hiace Type Van on the extra services section.

The Commuter/Hiace Type Van option is free of charge.



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