Customer Staff ★

Customer Staff


You may add your staff to ride along with our driver during a booking for administration or security purposes. This option is free.

Customer representatives are allowed only such representative plays an essential role in the delivery. It is also important to note that we do not allow customer staff return on the original pickup point of the delivery. 

Customer Staff
Vehicle TypeRate
EconomyUp to 2
Customer Staff
Light VanUp to 2
Customer Staff
Canopy MulticabUp to 2
Customer Staff
L300/VanUp to 2
Customer Staff
Small PickupUp to 2
Customer Staff
Pickup Truck*Temporarily Unavailable
Mini Dump TruckNot Available
Closed Van Truck*Temporarily Unavailable
Long Pickup Truck*Temporarily Unavailable
6w Fwd Truck*Temporarily Unavailable
10w Wing Van (32ft)*Temporarily Unavailable
Wing Van (40ft)*Temporarily Unavailable

*due to social distancing regulations during general community quarantine (GCQ)


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