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Your booking includes complimentary incidental goods insurance in case of lost, stolen, missing, or damage during a pick-up, transportation, or delivery of new goods, merchandise, items, and belongings booked and transported using the Transportify application.

The liability limit amounts to ₱3 Million for Business Program customers. For normal bookings, the liability limit depends on the vehicle type, as stated below:

Vehicle TypeStandard Limit (in PHP)
Wing Van (40ft)35,000
10w Wing Van (32ft)35,000
Long Pickup Truck35,000
6w Fwd Truck35,000
Mini Dump Truck35,000
Closed Van25,000
Pickup Truck25,000
Small Pickup15,000
Light Van15,000
Canopy Multicab8,000

Incidental Insurance

Click below for the incidental insurance policy, procedure, and claims form from Transportify.

Non-Covered Items

Goods Insurance Non-Covered Items List

Non-Covered Causes

Goods Insurance Non-Covered Causes List
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