Top 5 Things Transportify (Delivery App) Can Do For You

Top 5 Things Transportify (Delivery App) Can Do For You

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MANILA, PHILIPPINES – There’s no denying that the current pandemic situation has changed everyone’s lives. People have started to rely heavily on today’s modern technology to simply survive. From food and other essential goods, to work from home equipment, home gyms, to retail shopping, all these are now being delivered right at your doorstep. Outsourcing logistics is becoming more common to businesses in the Philippines as they see more potential in growth by having a strong partnership with 3PL delivery providers.

Since 2016, Transportify delivery app has been disrupting the logistics industry with its revolutionary services that cater to different delivery requirements from customers. With their wide variety of vehicles that’s very affordable, Transportify also values its commitment to providing the best quality service to its customer base with its useful features that suit every delivery needs.

Whether you are a business owner or just need one-time same day delivery, Transportify delivery app is the best option for you. Here are 5 things Transportify delivery app can do for you.

What Transportify Offers

City to City Delivery

Most tech-logistics companies in the market concentrate on bigger commercial zones as their service area. Transportify thinks bigger by expanding to other local cities like Cabanatuan, Subic, San Fernando, Baguio, and Lucena since there is a bigger potential of getting more city to city deliveries especially from trading suppliers and businesses.

Transportify delivery app became more aggressive in expanding its service area to the whole island of Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. Transportify also delivers from Luzon to other islands nationwide through their interisland (Ro-Ro) deliveries.

Bigger Trucks

Transportify launched various trucks in the past few years to support the ever-growing demand for logistics in the Philippines. “We saw the potential of 6w Fwd Truck and 10W Wing Vans in the market that is why we decided to include it in our delivery app. We also have the most competitive rates for these trucks which are relatively cheaper than most providers in the market,” says Kelvin Caro, Transportify’s Senior Operations Manager.

Transportify prides itself on providing logistics mobility solutions with the availability of a wide variety of vehicle options that can cater to almost everything in terms of delivery. Modern technology also adds up as a factor to utilize delays and apply optimization in logistics processes of the clients.

Book Multiple Deliveries At Once

Manual bookings entail a lot of effort from the booker which is why Transportify pushed on the availability of batch bookings in the application. With this feature, customers are able to book 10 deliveries or more all at the same time. This translates to a more efficient scheduling of deliveries and at the same time reduction in time and effort on the side of the business owner or logistics handler.

The era of manual work is now a thing of the past. The technology developed by Transportify is giving business owners more flexibility and operational efficiency allowing them to concentrate more in growing their business.

Pay using Credit and Debit Card or Bank Transfer

They now accept credit and debit card payments. This payment option was launched to serve more customers and provide convenience in availing services from our delivery app. Currently, accepted cards are VISA, MasterCard and JCB.

Transportify charges a 2% administrative fee to partially cover transaction charges incurred from its vendors for electronic payment systems. If you want to avoid paying this fee, there is a quick and easy Bank Transfer option available for top up credits on Transportify deliveries. This option is free and no administrative fee is applied.

24/7 Live Support

When moving goods to different cities and provinces, it is very essential to have strong communication between the driver and customer. Transportify allows customers to receive real-time information, progress of deliveries and exact location of the delivery vehicle. This is part of the company’s commitment to provide high level communication across all facets of the deliveries.

“Customer service representatives are well-trained to handle different types of concerns regarding deliveries from customers. Live chats are supported by real people and not bots.” says Mr. Caro.

These five things are considered as the edge of Transportify in the market and paves the way for high-quality results and continuous improvement for our client roster. Start revolutionizing logistics by downloading the Transportify application which is both available in Google Play Store and Apple App Store or use their web application by visiting

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💡 About Transportify

Transportify operates the largest app-based marketplace logistics platform for delivery vans and trucks in Southeast Asia with operations in Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines. In other countries, the company is known as “Deliveree”.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What makes Transportify the best modern logistics and delivery app for businesses in the Philippines?

📱 Transportify is the leading choice of businesses for modern logistics service in the Philippines because it provides the best featured benefits for its delivery app users and business clients. Transportify benefits include easy booking using an application, real time visibility paired with 24/7 customer service and wide vehicle options for different delivery needs. The service area of Transportify also makes it more convenient for customers to move goods going to different locations in Luzon.

How did Transportify delivery app revolutionize the way logistics work in the Philippines?

📱 Transportify revolutionized logistics by applying technology in transportation and logistics services in the Philippines. It also became an accessible, affordable and reliable source of delivery vehicles without going through the rigorous process of sourcing out potential partners for logistics services. With just a few clicks on the delivery app from a customer’s mobile device, deliveries can be easily scheduled and tracked real-time which most traditional logistics providers do not offer.



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