An Easy Guide to Proper Cargo and Package Delivery Logistics Services

Cargo Package Delivery Logistics Services

One of the most important aspects of logistics services is the way how you do package delivery. It’s not something that you should rush or pay little attention to. If you want your items to arrive at their destination safely and undamaged, then ensuring that your package and cargo delivery are wrapped and boxed properly is vital.

Yes, one could argue that it’s logistics services companies’ duty to handle package delivery with care. However, that doesn’t negate the fact that it is the sender’s job to ensure that it is packaged appropriately.

In this blog, we’re going to take you through an easy guide to proper cargo and package delivery with some do’s and don’ts.

Cargo and Package Delivery Do’s:

  • Do sturdy boxes to package your cargo delivery in. Preferably double-walled and brand-new. That said if you do go for used boxes, you’ll have to ensure that they are in a suitable condition.
  • Do use plenty of internal packaging such as bubble wrap, when packing your items for delivery. The more padding you add inside, the more protected your items will be.
  • Be sure to measure and weigh your package once it’s been wrapped and sealed. This is to ensure that it matches the measurements specified in the order.
  • Clearly, write the delivery and collection address clearly in marker pen on your box.
    Use strong tape on all of the edges of the boxes, including corners. This will ensure that the package or cargo is entirely safe and will not fall open in transit.
  • Make note of your package appearance and take note of any distinguishing features. That way, if in the highly unlikely event that your package goes missing, it will be much easier to identify.
  • Be sure to remove all old labels and addresses from the packaging to save confusion with the package and cargo delivery drivers.

Cargo and Package Delivery Don’ts:

  • Don’t tape multiple parcels together. Each individual parcel must be unattached to anything else. If you’d like to deliver them in the same package, consider a larger box perhaps.
  • Don’t bother with “fragile” or “handle with care,” when instead you can opt for the appropriate packaging and interior padding.
  • Don’t use standard cello-tape. You must opt for strong and appropriate packaging tape.
  • Avoid using bags or cloth as a substitute for a cardboard box.
  • Avoid used and damaged boxes if you can. If you must use second-hand boxes then be certain to wrap it thoroughly with tape, including the corners for extra structural integrity.
  • You don’t have to write what the item is or how much it’s worth on the side of the box (you’d be surprised by how many people do this).
  • Do not use a box that is not strong enough to handle the load. Most new cardboard boxes designed for moving will specify a maximum weight, so abide it.

Get specific requirements from your logistics services company.

It’s important that you speak with your logistics services provider and find out if they have any specific packaging requirements, or if there is anything that they will not accept.

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