Standard Service for Interisland Trucking ★

Standard Service for Interisland Trucking

What is the Standard Service for Interisland Trucking?

1. Driver – The driver will drive to your first destination (usually the pickup location) and throughout the route indicated in your booking.

2. Extra Helpers – The Interisland booking already includes two (2) extra helper who helps the driver do the following:

  • Load/unload
  • Maneuver the truck
  • Process paperwork

3. Vehicle – The standard vehicle is either a 10w Wing Van or 6w Fwd Truck which has a larger payload capacity ideal for interisland delivery.

4. Fuel – The driver or company that owns that truck bears this cost as a cost-of-doing-business.

5. Loading/Unloading by Driver – The driver must load/unload within reasonable and humane expectations. One (1) extra helper is already included to assist the driver in each booking.

6. Delivery Fees – The following fees are also included in your interisland booking: RORO ferry fees, toll fees, and port/terminal fees.

What is NOT INCLUDED in the Standard Service for Interisland Trucking?

Packing, wrapping, boxing, and assembling of items

The driver and helper must not engage in the packing, wrapping, boxing, or assembling process of the items that they transported as it is not part of the standard service. Clients must be able to secure their goods beforehand and after the duration of the delivery.


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