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Outsourcing delivery operations to a freight logistics company is common among businesses. After all, managing the logistics operations of any company is quite difficult and tedious, especially for small businesses. Although the normal logistics method would be for a single client to use the entire truck space, there are moments when that is not the most optimized way to move products. This article will explore the benefits of less than truckload trucking and how it could be the best logistics solution for your business.

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What Is Less Than Truckload Trucking?

The usual way of executing a delivery operation would be for a freight logistics company to provide a single client with a truck. That particular client would have all the truck’s space at its disposal, meaning it could choose either to fill up the space entirely or not. On the other hand, the delivery truck for Less Than Truckload shipping is shared by multiple clients, and each client would only need to pay for the space they occupy. 

The table below shows all the trucks Transportify for your logistics needs.

Because of this model offered by a freight logistics company, many clients who want to ship their goods but can not fill up the delivery truck space now can move their products from point A to point B. The Less Than Truckload trucking services offered by third-party logistics providers are a great way for a company to carry out its delivery needs at a business-friendly price. 

Transportify, a domestic freight trucking company that delivers in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, has its Less Than Truckload trucking service. Download the Transportify app by clicking the button below or scanning the QR code.

How Are Less Than Truckloads Different?

Less Than Truckloads are shipments that do not require a full truck. In Transportify, these shipments typically weigh between 1 and 15,000 kilograms and can be transported via LTL (less-than-truckload) option. The advantage of using an LTL carrier is that it is generally less expensive than shipping via a full truckload.

However, there are some disadvantages to using an LTL carrier for Less Than Truckloads. First, LTL carriers often have weight and size restrictions that may make it difficult to ship certain products. In addition, LTL carriers typically do not. Provide door-to-door service, which means the shipper must arrange for someone available to receive the shipment at the destination. Finally, LTL carriers typically have longer transit times than full truckload.

What are the Advantages Of Less Than Truckload Trucking?

As explained in the section above, Less Than Truckload shipping, or less than truckload (LTL) freight delivery, allows multiple clients to share the space of a single truck. This means that each client would only pay for the space occupied by their items. In such a scenario, the less than truckload trucking solution is more economical than the full truckload cargo service.

There are many advantages when using the less than truckload shipping option. After all, this service was created to help businesses fulfill their logistics requirements. This section will explore the benefits or advantages of using less than truckload trucking for your delivery needs.

Flexibility and convenience in the delivery process

Just like any other service, flexibility and convenience are very important criteria. A 3PL logistics solutions provider must ensure that its services give the client a more convenient delivery experience. Otherwise, there would be no incentive to outsource the logistics operations to a freight logistics company.

Being able to schedule deliveries anytime and anywhere in Luzon is a salient feature that Transportify offers clients. Even in the less than truckload trucking service, clients can book any time. There is no need to beat daily cut-off times since you can make a delivery booking whenever you need to move goods. In the case of a delivery app like Transportify, all the client has to download the app, enter the delivery details such as the time, preferred vehicle type, and pick-up and drop-off points and then confirm the booking.

Furthermore, the fact that Transportify has 24/7 customer service personnel ready to assist you with all delivery concerns is another reason they are a convenient and friendly app.

Cut back on delivery costs

All businesses keep a close eye on their expenses. Whether utilities, administrative, or marketing expenses, all businesses want to cut back on costs and get the most out of their money. Logistics is one particular business operation that would entail a lot of spending. But that does not have to be the case.

The less than truckload shipping service gives clients, especially small businesses, the opportunity to cut back on logistics costs. Instead of renting out the whole space of the truck and shouldering the whole delivery amount, clients can share the truck with others and only pay for the space occupied by its cargo.

By doing this, the client does not have to worry about the unutilized space of the vehicle. Neither does the client have to worry about paying for the entire delivery truck while only occupying 50% of its cargo capacity. By using the less than truckload trucking service offered by this provincial delivery service, the client can get the most out of its cargo delivery by only paying for the space it occupies.

Better logistics solutions for the environment

Protecting the environment and minimizing greenhouse gas emissions are many businesses’ primary concerns. Even the United Nations (UN) has been championing various projects to conserve our planet and has even encouraged businesses worldwide to adopt a similar practice in their little ways.

With this said, less than truckload trucking is a logistics solution that benefits both the company and the environment. Because it allows many clients to share a single truck, fewer trucks on the road, and fewer vehicles emitting greenhouse gases; for example, five clients would be serviced by 5 different delivery vehicles without less than truckload logistics. This translates into 5 more vehicles being used and emitting greenhouse gases. However, LTL shipping allows these clients to pool their shipments into one delivery truck, thereby decreasing the number of vehicles that would be utilized. In effect, if this practice is followed by many companies worldwide, there would be a positive impact on our surrounding environment.

In summary, the less than truckload shipping solution is best used when you want to move goods but can not fill up the cargo capacity of a truck. By using less than truckload shipping, multiple clients share the space of a single truck with other clients, and as a result, they only pay for the space occupied by their items. This logistics solution has many advantages, such as providing clients with good value for money and being less harmful to the environment. Explore our other articles below on less than truckload shipping and its counterpart, full truckload shipping.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What freight logistics company can I use for provincial deliveries?

🚚 In the Philippines, there are many freight logistics companies that can handle your provincial delivery needs. These companies offer a variety of shipping solutions such as land, sea, and air freight. F2 Logistics is a third-party logistics company that specializes in land freight and international logistics operations. They also have cold chain solutions in cases where the goods being transferred are temperature sensitive.

Ernest Logistics is another delivery company in the Philippines with a large fleet of trucks for transporting goods. Another service that they offer is handling your shipments to and from China. Lastly, Transportify is the best freight logistics company provider for on-demand deliveries. By using the app, you have access to thousands of delivery truck drivers anywhere in Luzon and at any time.

Why is Less Than Truckload shipping important?

🚚 Less Than Truckload shipping is important because it offers clients who do not have enough goods to fill up an entire truck, an opportunity to ship out their goods. This type of logistics solution is very beneficial to individual clients or small business owners who want to transport their products but find renting an entire truck to be very expensive. By using Less Than Truckload shipping, they would only need to pay for the space occupied by their products.

How does Less Than Truckload trucking work?

🚚 Generally speaking, the Less Than Truckload trucking process works in this manner. First, the system identifies the bookers who would like to avail the said service. Then it would find a truck that can accommodate the cargo of those clients for that particular route. After that, the driver would be dispatched and would start collecting and delivering the items to the clients.


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