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When Should You Use “Special Help”?

When Should You Use “Special Help”?

What are the Standard Fares?

Transportify charges a base price and then a fee per km thereafter. These prices vary by vehicle.

What should you expect from your driver when paying Standard Fares?

We call this the Standard Service. This is the physical labor our drivers must perform for each and every delivery. This includes:

Standard Service

  • Loading at pick-up within 5 meters from vehicle
  • Driving the delivery route.
  • Unloading at each destination within 5 meters from vehicle.
  • Use of stairs are acceptable but kindly allow use of your elevator whenever possible.

When should you use Special Help?

If your booking has extended loading or unloaded distances or special tasks, select Special Help on step 2 in our app.

Special Help

  • Everything included in Standard Service above.
  • Greater carrying distance beyond 5 meters.

Where can I select Special Help?

When Should You Use “Special Help”?

How much does Special Help cost?

Type of BookingRate
For Economy or L300/Van
Intra City₱60 Per Destination (First 2)
+ ₱30 Per Destination
(3rd - 10th Destination)
+ ₱20 Per Destination
(11th - 15th Destination)
Full Day Service₱200 Per Day
Long Haul₱200 Per Booking

Special Help

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