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Learn how to use our advanced and easy to use Sandbox testing, SDK, API endpoints, Webhooks and more for a seamless integration.

    Server Communication



    Rest API


    Sandbox Testing

    • 1

      Login Access

      We provide you with a login access to our Sandbox Webapp so you can test your bookings in real time.

    • 2

      Access API Dashboard

      Within your Sandbox Webapp, access your API dashboard to get your API key

    • 3

      Making Request

      Once the API key is pasted into your code or SDK, start making requests to your Sandbox public API

    API Documentation

    • Browse our latest documentation for an in-depth explanation, including endpoints and sample code.

      Access Documentation
      • Flowchart for step-by-step onboarding
      • Authentication Description
      • Download SDK
      • API Endpoints Description
      • Webhooks Description
      • Sample Code

    API Dashboard

    • API Key
    • Webhook
      Response Format
    • Webhook
      URL Endpoint
    • Webhook
      Authentication Key
    • Production Dashboard

    Test Bookings via API

    • Bookings
    • View your
      bookings via API
    • Response
    • Check
      booking status
    • Simulate
      driver actions

    API Endpoints

    • Get Quote

      Provide 1 pickup and up to 10 destinations, get a quote for all vehicle types.

    • Manage Booking

      Get location, ETA, and status updates.

    • Create Booking

      Select all preferences to create a full booking.

    • Cancel Booking

      Cancel single or multiple bookings with ease.

    • Booking Details

      Get single or multiple comprehensive details.

    • Vehicle List

      Get complete details of the vehicles available in your area.

    • Special Requirements

      Know the special requirements available for your selected vehicle.

    Go Live

    • Complete Sandbox Testing

      Complete your simulation and testing in our Sandbox Environment.

    • Production API Dashboard

      Access our Production API dashboard to collect your API key and configure your Webhook URL endpoint.

    • Go Live in Production

      Go Live in our Production environment and start booking in our real-time marketplace!


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