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Do you need to deliver items but don’t need the space of an entire vehicle? The Partial Load service allows you to send cargo without having to book an entire vehicle and you only need to pay for the space occupied by your goods. Just select the type of goods, dimension, and weight and we’ll load your goods along with other clients’ cargo going on a similar route to give you affordable delivery rates in the market.

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Because you only need to pay for the space occupied by your package, the Partial Load service offers a much more affordable logistics solution compared to the Whole Vehicle service. However, delivery lead times are much longer in the Partial Load service because the driver would have to deliver packages of other clients. Refer to the table below for more details on the difference between Whole Vehicle and Partial Load.

How Does Transportify Partial Load Work?

1. Select Partial Load then indicate Cargo, Schedule, Location Details.

2. Wait for the Nearest Driver to Accept and Pick-up your package.

3. Track Your Package’s Progress and ETA.

4. Wait for the Driver to arrive at the Drop-off point.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of items can I deliver with Partial Load?

📦 Here are the limitations on what you can and cannot send with a Partial Load:

For food deliveries: We restrict the delivery of food items that can spoil quickly, are not well-packaged, and can be easily damaged when co-loaded with other items.

For frozen products: We restrict the delivery of frozen goods since we can’t cater to them due to our vehicles don’t have the refrigeration required for frozen goods.

For item deliveries: Just like our whole vehicle booking, there are no item restrictions as long as the item is not illegal and prohibited. For the complete list of prohibited items, click HERE.

Is Partial Load a same day service?

📦 Yes, customers can book a Partial Load booking with same day pick up time. 

Can I choose my desired pickup time?

📦 Customers cannot choose their desired pick up time as this will depend on the route. The estimated time for your driver’s arrival will be reflected on the app.

What areas are covered by our Partial Load service?

Our Partial Load service covers the following locations:

📦 Within mainland Luzon.

📦 Cebu, Panay, and Negros within Visayas.

📦 Davao, Cagayan de Oro, and General Santos within Mindanao.

How does Partial Load differ from the Whole Vehicle service?

📦 For the Whole Vehicle service line, you pay the full price of one vehicle as per the required distance. In Partial Load, you only pay the price according to your goods size, volume, amount, and distance.

Is insurance included in all my bookings?

📦 Yes, insurance will be provided for your bookings. To learn more about the coverage, click HERE.

How will I know what vehicle will be used to deliver my items?

📦 Our system will recommend the best vehicle type to carry all of your goods based on the dimension and weight of your items.

How will I know when the driver will arrive to pick up my items?

📦 When the driver is on his way to you, live tracking and arrival estimate will be available on your app.


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