Customer Know-How Part 3: Transportify Reimbursements

Customer Know-How Part 3 Transportify Reimbursements Main

During Transportify deliveries, there are moments when delivery driver partners need to pass through toll gates and park at spots that need parking fees. Some clients may be confused into thinking that the payment for toll fees and parking fees must be shouldered by the company or the driver partner. Apparently, since the fees occurred in fulfillment of the client’s delivery request, the client must shoulder the payment.

But what if the client does not want to pay toll fees and parking fees? Good question. Some clients really do not prefer paying extra fees as they need to follow certain delivery budgets. That is why Transportify freight logistics company came up with Transportify Reimbursement Option.

What is the Transportify Reimbursement Option?

Transportify Reimbursement Option allows the client to pay or not pay for delivery toll fees and parking fees through reimbursement. This applies to all types of fleet from Transportify, whether it is rent a car services, L300 services, or truck services.

For example, if the client chooses the Transportify Reimbursement Option, it means he is letting the driver use expressways and non-free parking spaces for faster and smoother shipping, and that he, the client, will reimburse any toll gate fee and parking fee the driver paid for during shipping in order to fulfill the client’s booking request.

On the other hand, if the client decided not to choose the Transportify Reimbursement Option because he prefers not to pay any more additional delivery charges, the driver partner will instead take national roads and look for the nearest free parking area.

The Reimbursement Option requires driver partners to take pictures of toll fee and parking fee receipts so the clients will be able to verify the amount they need to reimburse.

Reimbursements for business clients

For Transportify clients enrolled under our Business Program who prefer the Reimbursement Option, the toll fees and parking fees the driver partners paid during transporting the products will be included in the monthly billing.

Reimbursements for regular clients

For clients using the Transportify on-demand delivery app for personal purposes, the driver partner will first ask the client if he is willing to reimburse toll gate fees or not. If yes, the driver will take the expressway and the client can later pay the driver the total fee upon the package arrival.

Why do I need to avail?

Choosing the Transportify Reimbursement Option has some advantages. For one, Transportify’s fast courier services will be even faster through accessing expressways. The transaction will also be smoother because non-free parking spaces are easier to find, and not choosing the Reimbursement Option will force the driver partner to look for free parking which takes a lot of time. This option is very much recommended for deliveries that require fast transportation like food delivery services and other bookings that involve urgent package deliveries.

We do encourage our current and future clients to go for the Transportify Reimbursement Option as the delivery will be much faster and smoother not just for the driver but also for the sender and the receiver.


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