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      Logistics is an integral part of business operations. Transferring raw materials from source to production plant or moving finished goods from the production plant to a warehouse or distribution center is a core operation of most companies. Without these logistics operations, it would be almost impossible to keep the business running since there would be no available means of bringing goods to customers. That is why it is important to highlight the importance of a trucking app like Transportify which can handle any type of logistics needs like moving goods from Batangas to San Fernando.

      Batangas and San Fernando are key areas in the Philippines when it comes to economic activity. For example, the province of Batangas houses a very important sea port in the Philippines which accounts for a large volume of trade in the country. The port of Batangas is often the gateway for goods to flow from Luzon to the southern areas of the Philippines. And the reverse is also true, it is also the entry point for goods from Visayas and Mindanao to reach the different places of Luzon. And a truck app like Transportify can surely deliver these goods from the port to a warehouse and vice versa.

      In the region of Central Luzon, San Fernando is an important city due to its numerous economic activities. In terms of agriculture, it is a major processing center of Central Luzon. There are also plans from the government to open a provincial trading center in order to give farmers and fisherfolks an avenue to market their products. In this area, a trucking app with large trucks can help move goods from farm to market. Lastly, San Fernando is often hailed as the “Culinary Capital of the Philippines” which means that restaurant owners must have the capability to transport temperature sensitive goods via refrigerated trucks across long distances like from Batangas to San Fernando.

      As we have seen, trade from Batangas to San Fernando is busy because of the immense economic activity happening in these places. Food products from San Fernando can be shipped to other places in the Philippines via the Batangas port and goods can be delivered from Batangas to San Fernando. In these cases, a trucking app is important to support the logistics requirements of businesses, whether they are trading goods from Batangas to San Fernando or vice versa.

      Transportify, a trucking app, can fulfill all types of logistics needs from Batangas to San Fernando. Large volume deliveries can be done by heavy duty vehicles like the 10 wheeler wing van or the 6w Forward truck. For smaller deliveries or last mile logistics, the L300 van or sedan/MPV vehicle class can fulfill those logistics requirements. Furthermore, using the Transportify app comes with a lot of benefits such as the capability to book anytime and deliver to any part of Luzon, 24/7 Customer service and real time track and trace. Those businesses who regularly need delivery services can enroll in Transportify’s Corporate Account. In doing so, they can get many exclusive benefits such as insurance of up to Php 3 million for lost, stolen and damaged goods while in transit and having your own account manager to assist in all bookings.

      Frequently Asked Questions:

      What trucking app can I use for Batangas to San Fernando deliveries?

      ? For those businesses or individuals looking to transport cargo from Batangas to San Fernando, the Transportify trucking app has the solution to all your concerns. This app is capable of fulfilling deliveries from anywhere in Luzon and has a 24/7 customer service personnel ready to assist you. Lastly, this trucking app offers numerous vehicle types like for last mile logistics up to heavy cargo trucking.

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