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      Point to Point Delivery Cabanatuan to Laguna

      Since Laguna is home to many manufacturing companies, distribution companies and land development firms, people are getting attracted to move to this province. Because of it, demand for food consumption especially agricultural products have drastically increased in the past few years. Local enterprises choose to capture new markets like Laguna to touch more customers and expand market share. But the challenge is how can they transport goods easily to these areas? The answer is to partner with point to point delivery companies like Transportify.

      Trading is made easier with the help of point to point delivery companies like Transportify. Delivering from Cabanatuan to Laguna can easily be requested using an application. This translates to a hassle free delivery option compared to undergoing the rigorous process of sourcing out providers from Cabanatuan to Laguna. In addition, modern point to point delivery have relatively lower delivery costs compared to traditional providers in the market. Cost savings can skyrocket to 40% depending on the vehicle that will be availed to fulfill Cabanatuan to Laguna deliveries as well as in other areas within the Transportify service area.

      The Cabanatuan to Laguna route is a 270 kilometer stretch which usually takes 5 hours to complete the trip. Government projects that are focused on improving infrastructure have impacted the reduction of travel time from North to South Luzon including the Cabanatuan to Laguna route. Trading has become more viable and accessible for enterprises in both of these areas.

      A good way to lower logistics costs in trading is to source out modern point to point delivery partners that can fulfill not just deliveries from Cabanatuan to Laguna but also in other leading areas of the country. Transportify has revolutionized how logistics work in the Philippine market. Local entrepreneurs have started to adapt technology in their delivery processes which enabled more flexibility and visibility in their delivery fulfillment.

      To give you more information about Transportify, customers are able to book with the wide option of small vehicles and large trucks depending on the need of their operations. Small delivery vehicles include sedan/MPV, L300/H100/Van, Closed Van, Pickup Truck, Mini Dump Truck. For larger scale deliveries, it is best to be fulfilled by Long Pickup Trucks, 6w Fwd Trucks, Wing Vans (32ft and 40ft).

      For consistent bookings, we highly suggest that you join the Transportify Corporate Account for Business to avail different valuable benefits that may help you business improve quality of service to customers. Visit the Transportify website and discover more about the company and how it changed logistics setup in the Philippines. Download the Transportify application on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

      Frequently Asked Question:

      What are the standard service inclusions of point to point delivery from Cabanatuan to Laguna?

      ? The point to point delivery of Transportify for Cabanatuan to Laguna deliveries include the driver, fuel, vehicle, and other essential items such as tarpaulin cover, ropes for specialized deliveries. Customers are also able to add extra services like waiting time and extra helper on the section indicated on the application. Toll and parking expenses are reimbursable given that there is an agreement between the driver and customer prior to completion of the service.

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