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      We have seen the expansion of Northern Luzon in the past decades. Because the whole country is dependent on the region’s agricultural produce, growth and development have been inevitable. We have seen cities like Cabanatuan and Tarlac rise as economic, social, and cultural centers of the north. This progress comes hand in hand with the rising importance of transportation and logistics.

      Cabanatuan city is becoming more and more prominent, especially in its province of Nueva Ecija. Its location along the Cagayan Valley road is very strategic, as it acts as a gateway to many areas nearby. It has become an economic center that provides high-quality services, including education and medicine.

      Considered an economic hub in Nueva Ecija, the possibilities for businesses in the city are endless. An industry that is thriving in the city is the motor vehicle industry. Some even call the city the “motor tricycle capital” because of the sheer number of motor vehicle owners. BPOs have also recently moved into the city, enticed by the highly urbanized and vast labor population available to work.

      Agriculture is a primary product of the province, as Nueva Ecija is considered the “Rice Bowl of the Philippines.” Because of its strategic location, Cabanatuan also acts as a trading center (bagsakan) of agricultural products in the region. The Cabanatuan Central Transport Terminal is also a transportation hub of Central Luzon, with many trips coming in from as far as Manila, making it very accessible to the capital region.

      Developments in infrastructure are underway to make Cabanatuan even more accessible. There are plans already in place for the North Luzon East Expressway and the Central Luzon Link Expressway for transportation to be much easier in the area. These kinds of development could significantly improve the efficiency of transporting goods to and from the region.

      Tarlac city, on the other hand, is a highly industrialized city. It is known for its vast lands devoted to rice and sugar plantations. Tarlac city is considered a highly urbanized city by the government and is the province Tarlac’s capital. The expressways mentioned earlier are also connected to Tarlac city, making the transport of goods with routes like Cabanatuan to Tarlac much easier.

      We have seen how developed the two cities are. Cargo transportation between Cabanatuan to Tarlac, two highly urbanized cities in the north, is becoming more common. Logistics and transport companies can help bridge the two cities together.

      Using logistics and transport services, especially with provincial delivery that deals with freight and cargo, is beneficial for you and your business. Transportify, an on-demand trucking company, serves the Luzon area, including routes like Cabanatuan to Tarlac. It has various vehicle options that you can choose from depending on what you need to be delivered. One day, you can book a sedan to deliver fresh produce, and the next day you can book a closed van to deliver sacks of rice. There’s no question that these types of services can only aid in the development of these two cities.

      Frequently Asked Question:

      What are the ways to book a truck from Cabanatuan to Tarlac?

      ? You can book a vehicle to transport your items from various trucking companies in Cabanatuan City. You would need first to find out if they cater to deliveries going to Tarlac. You could also book with Transportify, a logistics and transportation company, through our mobile and web app. Many vehicles are available to use, including pickup trucks, long pickup trucks, closed vans, and more.

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