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      Deliver Goods from Manila to Clark Angeles with this Cargo App

      It is no surprise that many businesses rely heavily on supply chain and logistics operations in order to take their business to the next level. For example, a businessman in the National Capital Region (NCR) will rely on a trucking company to get his products delivered to distribution centers or straight to the customer’s home. If the customers happen to be in Pampanga, then the Manila to Clark Angeles route offered by this cargo app would be very beneficial to the business. In this short blog, we will discuss the business opportunities in Clark-Angeles and how Transportify can help you in this endeavor.

      The Clark Freeport and Special Economic zone (CFEZ) in Pampanga covers key cities such as Angeles, Mabalacat and the town of Porac. Last 2018, Clark Development Corporation (CDC) celebrated its 25 years in service and it released a report showcasing their developments inside Clark Freeport Zone including infrastructure improvements. In terms of trade performance, CDC reports total exports of around USD 6 billion. Furthermore, the Clark freeport zone boasts massive tourism highlights as a result of many events such as the Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta. With all the economic activity happening in this area, the Manila to Clark Angeles route provided by this cargo app is very beneficial to many business owners.

      Besides the special economic zone in Clark, Angeles city is another key area for doing business in Pampanga. The city of Angeles needs a reliable cargo app to support its growing commercial developments. As the government continues to build infrastructure such as the Manila – Clark railway system aimed at connecting Metro Manila with Pampanga, the Manila to Clark Angeles trucking route will be very profitable. And cargo app companies like Transportify are there to take care of your delivery requirements.

      From acquiring the raw materials or new stock inventory up to distributing them to customers, logistics operations are at the core of the business. In fact, it is hard to imagine a business that does not have logistics in their day to day operations. Even a service based company would need the services of a cargo app to transfer equipment from source to destination.

      Transportify, a cargo app company, can take care of any type of trucking requirements from Manila to Clark Angeles. For example, IT equipment businesses in Manila can send their items to their showrooms in Clark Angeles using Transportify’s L300/van vehicles. Home and office Appliances, furniture products, and even gym equipment can travel the Manila to Clark Angeles delivery route via the closed van. The closed body of this vehicle ensures safety against harsh rains and strong heat from the sun. Wholesale items from the nation’s capital can also find its way to Clark or Angeles using the 6w Forward truck. For even larger volumes of FMCG goods, the 10 wheeler wing van can travel from Manila to Clark Angeles at any time of the day.

      By using the Transportify cargo app, you can be sure of excellent trucking service. Our 24/7 customer service personnel are always ready to accommodate any questions you may have during your booking process.

      Frequently Asked Question:

      Is it convenient to use a cargo app for my delivery needs?

      ? Using a cargo app for your logistics requirements is always a convenient way of doing deliveries due to a number of reasons. Booking anytime is a major convenience in using a cargo app. All you need is your mobile device or a desktop and you can easily book vehicles to ferry your goods to a desired destination. Another convenience is the built in app features that it provides such as the ability to chat your driver and real time tracking of your deliveries.

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