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      Subic Third-Party Logistics (3PL) Company

      In recent years, the economic activity of the Philippines is becoming more aggressive in places outside Metro Manila. This means that businesses in the provinces, like in Subic, are growing steadily which translates to positive economic growth. And this upward trend in business can be attributed to the important role carried out by a 3PL company.

      In our economy today, goods flow at such high speeds across the country that it is difficult for a business to fulfill all of its logistics operations. This means that consumer demand is fluctuating heavily that a third-party logistics company (3PL company) is needed to augment the delivery capabilities of a business. Furthermore, these 3PL companies allow businesses to thrive by allowing them to deliver across vast distances, such as from Manila to Subic.

      A business operating in Manila can easily bring their goods to customers in Subic thanks to a 3PL company like Transportify. It has a wide range of vehicle types that can accommodate any kind of logistics requirement. For example, a business that is into appliances and furniture can use the closed van or 6w forward trucks of Transportify. The closed body of the vehicle and its large cargo capacity makes it ideal for this type of delivery requirement. For last-mile delivery solutions, the sedan or L300 vans of Transportify are a great fit. These vehicles can be used to deliver straight to the homes of clients. Lastly, if your company is in the business of hauling building materials or aggregates, the mini dump truck for construction hauling is the right vehicle type to use.

      There is no need for a business owner in Subic to procure numerous delivery trucks to fulfill logistics operations to and fro Subic. In doing so, they would be free from other problems in the future such as handling vehicle breakdowns and maintenance. This shows that for a business owner, a strategic decision would be to outsource the logistics operations to a 3PL company.

      By using Transportify, a business in Subic will have no trouble delivering goods and products all over Luzon. There is no need to procure delivery vehicles and plan delivery routes. Handling vehicle breakdowns won’t be a problem for any business that uses a 3PL company like Transportify.

      Furthermore, there are other advantages to using Transportify. First of all, it has 24/7 customer service personnel which means that any concerns related to your delivery booking can be addressed right away. The CS agents of Transportify are dedicated to fulfilling your delivery booking and will go the extra mile to help a client. There is also the feature to track and trace in real-time the progress of your deliveries. This allows the sender and receiver of the cargo to monitor the progress of the delivery.

      Frequently Asked Question:

      Why should I use a 3PL company for Subic delivery operations?

      ? Subic is a major economic hub in the country and therefore, it is logical to conclude that it always experiences plenty of delivery operations. A business based in Subic would find these logistics requirements difficult to fulfill and should therefore resort to using a 3PL company.

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