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Luis Maria F. Laviña
Head - PC Supply Chain & Logistics
"The transportation and its cost structure in Transportify is transparent. The company has good logistics supply chain management, making it possible to meet our clients' demands on time."
Joel Marders
AVP for Production Planning and Supply Chain
"Transportify provides an on-demand Logistics service which is helpful in our line of business. Transportify also provides data at your fingertips. Their comprehensive data and analytics platform provides real-time insights into our shipments and costs. This transparency allows us to make informed decisions and optimize our deliveries with ease. Their 24/7 customer service also shines no matter the time of day or the nature of the issue, their friendly and knowledgeable representatives are always available to address our concerns."
CLT - Team Leader
“With Transportify, we were able to have effective logistics management, ensuring smooth movement of goods & fulfillment of services. With its unique benefits, we can always be at a competitive advantage.”
Viene Alexis Yu
Head of Operations
"I believe it is essential to commend the exemplary support we received from Transportify which has been instrumental in the growth of our company. The courtesy and patience shown by their representatives made us feel valued as a customer, and their unwavering commitment to addressing our concerns promptly and effectively left a lasting positive impact. This further solidifies our trust and loyalty and I wholeheartedly recommend their services without hesitation."
Arnel Castillo
Assistant Vice President
Working with Transportify has had a significant impact on the delivery operations of Our Home. Their reliable and efficient services have helped streamline our delivery process, ensuring that our products reach our customers on time and in excellent condition. With Transportify's advanced tracking system and real-time notifications, we have improved visibility and transparency throughout the delivery journey. This has allowed us to provide accurate delivery updates to our customers, enhancing their overall experience. Additionally, Transportify's professional and responsive team has worked closely with us to optimize our delivery routes and ensure cost-effectiveness. As a result, we have been able to achieve faster and more cost-efficient deliveries, ultimately improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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