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LTL trucking services refer to shipping goods that won’t occupy an entire truckload. Transportation management is not only about freight transportation services and doing it at the lowest cost. Many other factors exist that you must bear into consideration. For example, which areas require you to use more resources, and what are the biggest distractions from your core competencies? Logistics managers should know what type of LTL trucking services fit their needs. Continue reading to learn about the different types of regional LTL carriers.

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What Are The Primary Types of LTL Trucking Carriers?

Even though the LTL market has far lesser providers than FTL, numerous distinct business models have unique pricing, service, and speed characteristics. Shippers frequently employ a number of logistics providers to achieve the greatest balance of capacity and price. There is no secret formula for mixing your ideal carrier combination, but your specific needs will determine it. However, knowing each kind might help you formulate a more successful plan.

Keep in mind that each carrier’s network is different, and they may not all be classified the same way.

National LTL

National LTL companies are well known for providing border-to-border coverage across the country. They have a rigid approach to operating dense freight systems that use a hub-and-spoke method of terminals and drivers.

These are mostly big, publicly listed businesses with sophisticated business operations. They’re the most prevalent and recognized form of LTL provider.

Multi-Regional LTL

Multi-regional LTL carriers serve vast regions that include two or more regions. A multi-regional provider lacks a national carrier’s coast-to-coast and border-to-border coverage, but it has more hubs.

Companies located in more centralized areas might benefit from the additional resources that multi-regional LTL carriers provide while avoiding the challenges of a national carrier. These trucking companies are a good middle-ground option that can scale up with a small business.

Regional LTL

LTL carriers operate across a broad region, serving several provinces and cities in a defined area.

They typically have a strong presence and a dense network within their region. Outside their area, they generally do not provide coverage. Being a regional LTL provider in the Philippines often entails concentrating on the major islands of Luzon, Visayas, or Mindanao. If you are a business from one other major island of the Philippines, you must find an LTL solution capable of delivering your cargo within the region.

Sub-Regional LTL

If your items are traveling only short distances within a certain region of the country, working with a sub-regional carrier is likely to be more advantageous. Carriers like this provide LTL transportation services within a district or region.

Because of their specificity, these carriers are ideal for moving items over shorter distances. They can provide greater speed and agility than regional and national carriers. However, because they cater to a certain market, these carriers are unsuitable for larger corporations or firms wishing to expand.

What Type of LTL Transportation Does Transportify Offer?

Transportify offers sub-regional and multi-regional LTL trucking services. This type of service only caters to specific regions within a country. In the case of Transportify, our LTL trucking service is available in Luzon, Cebu, and Mindanao. These are specific regions within the Philippines.

Here’s a table to better understand the difference between our LTL and FTL services of Transportify:

Tips to Get You Started With LTL Trucking

The ever-changing nature of the LTL trucking industry is the driving force behind many companies looking for innovative services for their day-to-day operation. Whether you find resources internally or outsource to a third-party freight transportation services company, you must ensure that everything is streamlined and well accounted for. Here are some tips to get you started:

Controlling inventory flow & warehousing efficiency

This is the key but often neglected “in favor of,” as opposed to “in addition to.” The best freight transportation services strategies consider the availability of materials and order fulfillment requirements, ensuring that all resources are utilized optimally, and that warehouse capacity is used appropriately.

Strive towards “Shipper of Choice”

Dedicate your business to effective freight transportation services and continue to innovate and refine your services. Suppose you commit yourself to the betterment of the industry. In that case, you will invariably attract more customers to use your services and subsequently gain a reputation for being a “shipper of choice.”

It’s not easy to gain such a prestigious status, but if you stay true to the path and focus on continual betterment, you can get there.

Always strive for better use of technology

In today’s freight transportation services industry, data and technology are everything. Seek out the most advanced software with which to grow your business and make use of all of the data that you gather along the way.

Seeing service disruptions well in advance is critical for such a fast-paced industry. Using the correct software will arm you with many valuable tools, such as defining the expectation among your brand & business, the recipient of the goods, your third-party logistics provider (if applicable), and carrier partners.

Sustainability is important

Your focus should be innovation, as mentioned above, particularly when it comes to your carbon footprint. By trying to reduce your carbon footprint as much as possible using LTL transportation, you’ll subsequently enhance your business’s survivability.

Think about the younger generation today who care deeply about the future of our natural environment (as should we all). These consumers will be loyal to those who listen to their wants and do their best to accommodate them. If you wish to outlast your competitors, evolve faster than them.

Make your LTL transportation management scalable across all departments

Your business will continue to expand and grow as you make acquisitions, and your strategy and technology must meet the increasing demand and complexity. Flexibility is essential for surviving rapid growth in the logistics and freight industry. Having scalable solutions is important if you keep up in an ever-changing environment.

Consolidate your supply chain systems, harness the power of data, listen to your customers’ & clients’ needs, and pivot accordingly.

Build the future you wish to be a part of

The freight transportation services companies that will be sticking around in the future will be the ones who built it. So, innovate and evolve! Keep up with current trends, delegate where appropriate, never be afraid to rely on third-party partners and gear yourself for success.

What Can Local LTL Trucking Companies Do For You?

Partnering with third-party LTL trucking companies may be considered a considerable risk. But for some smaller businesses, this may be the most efficient way to operate. While most companies rely on their fleet of vehicles to do their deliveries, some companies may use the capital elsewhere. This is where less than the truckload or LTL trucking option comes from. Not only do freight and LTL transportation services make sure that your deliveries will be there safely, but they also help you plan, budget, and schedule your operations to maximize profit while minimizing costs.

The Philippines, as one of the developing countries in Southeast Asia, is a prime market for starting businesses. And Manila is not behind in terms of logistics experience. International freight transportation services companies have already been in the country for decades. But the emergence of new companies with fresh ideas is on the rise. Transportify has been a trusted company for small businesses for no more than five years. We offer features that can perfectly fit your needs. Initially known as a lipat bahay service, Transportify has transformed into a more lucrative way of delivering cargo, big or small. Here are ways how Transportify has changed the game for freight transportation services:

A personal way to deliver

Unlike other LTL trucking companies, our fleet does not consist of the company’s owned vehicles and fleet. Instead, the driver-partners we have are like any other drivers who have spare time that they can use. This makes our service feel more personal than just business. We train our driver-partners to provide excellent service to our customers. And for every other transaction, you won’t be only rating our platform but also our driver-partners.

Wide variety of vehicles

Our fleet consists of various vehicles you may choose from to find what fits your needs. Since they were established, LTL moving companies have generally offered vans and trucks for their service. At Transportify, you can send your bags, boxes, drums, palletized goods, and more through our LTL transportation services. This gives flexibility to our services so you can choose which vehicle is right for you.

High-tech mobile application

In this era of digital age, everything is accessible with a few taps on your smartphone. Transportify is widely known as an LTL trucking app. This helps your business adapt as well to the rapidly changing trend. And why should a company not follow the trend? After all, the more in-trend your business is, the more relevant you are to the customers. Transportify provides its freight transportation services with the help of technology. All transactions from customers to the receiver and even calling customer services can be done on your phone.

We are efficient and adaptable

One thing Transportify is not afraid of is change. With the rapid trends and the continuous innovation of technology, Transportify has always been ready to adapt. It always introduces new vehicles and features to meet the customer’s needs and simultaneously provides opportunities to businesses and drivers in the Metro.

In conclusion, finding the ideal freight transportation services is not far off. It has been servicing millions of Filipinos since 2016. Whether you are a starting business or a company finding efficient solutions for your operations, Transportify is here to help you with all your logistics needs, whether FTL or LTL transportation. From our famous line, ‘whatever it takes,’ this mindset has given the company the best reputation for any less than truckload trucking company out there. Transportify will continue to change the freight transportation services industry.

Download the Transportify mobile application by scanning the QR code or clicking the button below:

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How does LTL trucking work?

⏱️ LTL trucking is the movement of products or goods much less than the maximum capacity of the truck. This happens due to the nature of the products being smaller. To maximize the utilization of the car, shipping companies tend to transport separate shipments. Transportify connects you with our driver-partners to find what is best for your delivery needs. Our variety of vehicles can give you choices.

What are freight transportation services?

⏱️ Freight transportation services are the movements of goods offered by logistics companies. Most services are available for transport on land, sea, or air. There are common types of freight transportation that can be classified based on size, volume, and nature of goods. Transportify offers the best freight transportation available in mainland Luzon, Cebu, and Davao province. We can help you with your personal or business needs.


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