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      Transportify: Logistics Provider for Bulacan to Lucena Deliveries

      Even amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, the Philippines remain as one of the fastest-growing countries in the South East Pacific region. In the World Bank’s report, one of the things they attribute this economic growth to is the rapidly increasing urbanization in our country. It’s evident to anyone who would go outside that there has been a focus on building infrastructure and developing transport and logistics networks in the past few years.

      The construction of highways and expressways has made transport and logistics easier than ever before. Decreased travel time, accessibility, and convenience has spurred vigorous business activity in cities outside of Metro Manila. This decentralization and movement away from the capital could translate into more economic opportunities for more Filipinos.

      Bulacan, a province directly north of Metro Manila, is leading this change. Since it’s relatively near Manila, many businesses have migrated to the area. Unquestionably, Bulacan is one of the fastest-growing economic centers of the country, and one of its priorities is the development of transport and logistics.

      San Miguel Corporation (SMC), one of the Philippines’ most known conglomerates, has invested in the province. In partnership with the Philippine government, they have started constructing the New Manila International Airport located in Bulakan, Bulacan. Because projects on transport and logistics have started, it has paved the way for more investors to take an interest in the province. Plans to create a 50-billion peso megacity spanning three cities are in the works, which is expected to create thousands of jobs for Bulaceños.

      Another city on the rise is Lucena City. Known as the “Gateway to the South,” Lucena serves an essential role in reaching South Luzon. As the only highly urbanized city in CALABARZON, transport and logistics in the city are primary concerns. One of these projects is SMC’s plan to extend the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) to Lucena City, cutting down on the travel time between Manila and Lucena.

      The great thing about developments in places like Bulacan and Lucena City is that it opens up many possibilities. It has become much easier now to connect to someone from Bulacan to Lucena. Starting a business, even for small-time owners, has become so much easier. What’s even better is that services like Transportify can help you get started with your transport and logistics needs.

      Transportify, an app-based trucking company, offers businesses and individuals alike trucking services all over Luzon. You can easily book an L300 van and fill it up with your product to deliver from Bulacan to Lucena. Transportify also offers several vehicle choices, ranging from small cars in the economy class to big vehicles like the long pick-up truck. A trusted logistics trucking company in the Philippines, Transportify can offer you high-quality service at affordable prices.

      If you are looking for a trucking company that could help you deliver from Bulacan to Lucena, you can check out Transportify’s services through our mobile and web application.

      Frequently Asked Question:

      What trucking companies can deliver from Bulacan to Lucena?

      ? If you have a business involving delivering freight or cargo from Bulacan to Lucena, it’s best to look for transport and logistics providers that can do long-distance deliveries across provinces. With the emergence of new infrastructure, deliveries from Bulacan to Lucena are now more accessible and affordable. Transportify’s drivers can deliver to any point in Luzon.

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