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      To level up your business, a business owner can resort to technology based solutions in order to make processes more efficient and effective. For example, a manufacturer can introduce automation to the assembly line in order to increase productivity and minimize the chances of error. A retail based company can explore selling items online since the e-commerce industry is continually growing and more consumers are attracted to it because of the convenience it provides. However, all these operations require the help of an app based cargo shipping company like Transportify to support all the logistics operations. In this blog, we will talk about how Transportify can help level up your business with its Manila to Laguna route.

      Laguna, a province south of Metro Manila, encircles the southern shores of Laguna de bay which is the largest lake in the Philippines. It is also known as the birthplace of the country’s national hero, Jose Rizal and famous for attractions like Mount Makiling and hot springs of Calamba. The University of the Philippines in Los Baños is another reason why this province is widely known. A cargo shipping company capable of transporting items from Manila to Laguna and vice versa is needed by companies seeking to do business in the resource rich province of Laguna. For instance, those in the fishing industry can make use of Transportify’s refrigerated trucks for Manila to Laguna and vice versa deliveries of temperature sensitive goods.

      The main resources of Laguna are agriculture and fisheries thanks to its proximity to Laguna de bay. This fishing ground is capable of producing two-thirds of the freshwater fish requirements of the NCR (National Capital Region). On the side of agriculture, the top five crops produced in the province of Laguna are bananas, mangoes, rice, maize and coconuts. Furthermore, Laguna also has a sizable mining industry with aggregates making up the largest amount in Laguna’s mineral industry. Transportify, a cargo shipping company, can easily help your business bring its products from Manila to Laguna and vice versa so that you can grow your company.

      On the side of industry and commerce, Laguna hosts around 21 economic zones under the Philippine Economic Zone Authority. Most of these zones are located in Santa Rosa and Calamba. Top car manufacturers like Toyota, Honda and Nissan have plants in Laguna. Lastly, the BPO (Business process outsourcing) industry is continually growing in this area of Luzon. A cargo shipping company like Transportify can easily do the job of delivering IT equipment from the office to the agent’s home in order to support the work from home setup.

      With the booming economy of Laguna described above, it is no wonder why many business owners and investors are seeking the opportunity to bring their goods from Manila to Laguna and vice versa. Afterall, Laguna is very close to the nation’s capital which makes delivering goods from Manila to Laguna a breeze. However, a business still needs the help of a cargo shipping company like Transportify to support all delivery operations 24/7. Also, Transportify offers a wide range of vehicle classes for every kind of delivery need.

      There is the sedan and L300 vans for bulk courier deliveries. The closed van and 6w forward truck can handle deliveries of large appliances, furniture and gym equipment. It can also deliver wholesale goods. This cargo shipping company also offers pickup trucks for lipat bahay operations and other open trucks for construction materials hauling. For hauling large quantities of goods, the 10 wheeler wing van is the ideal vehicle.

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      What other services does an app based cargo shipping company like Transportify provide?

      ? Besides providing a wide range of vehicle classes to support all types of deliveries, an app based cargo shipping company like Transportify also provides numerous app based features designed to give you an excellent delivery experience. It has the 24/7 customer service support which allows you to raise concerns to our agents and get an immediate response at any time of the day. The app also allows you to track deliveries in real time and even share this tracking information with the receiver of your goods.

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