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      Cargo Truck Service Company with Manila to San Fernando Route

      One big problem that most business owners face is the entire logistics operations of their company. From getting the raw materials from the supplier to delivering them straight to your customer’s home or to a distribution center, extensive planning and a large fleet of cargo truck service vehicles are needed. Furthermore, more problems are encountered if the area of coverage is wide like Manila to San Fernando. With Transportify, you don’t have to worry too much about planning delivery schedules because you can always book a truck anytime from any point in Luzon.

      San Fernando city, capital of Pampanga, is the regional center of Central Luzon and located around 66 kilometers north of Manila. It serves as a major agricultural processing center of Central Luzon and is a major rice and sugar producing area. Furthermore, numerous manufacturing companies have facilities in the San Fernando area. Thus, it is safe to conclude that San Fernando is an economic powerhouse which makes the Manila to San Fernando delivery route a good source of revenue for many business owners.

      The city of San Fernando is also known as the “Christmas capital of the Philippines” due to the Giant Lantern Festival held every December where huge parols are being displayed out on the streets. With all of these economic and tourism activities, plus the fact that more and more infrastructure projects are underway to connect Manila to San Fernando, it is no wonder why many companies are looking for cargo truck service providers so that they can do business in Pampanga.

      Afterall, expanding the base of customers for a business means introducing your product to new places. This cargo truck service provider offers a Manila to San Fernando route which is just what you need to level up your business. For example, a wholesaler in Binondo can use the 6w Forward trucks of Transportify to move goods from Manila to San Fernando. An appliance dealer can transfer small and large appliances from Manila to San Fernando using the closed van. If you are in the food business, then the refrigerated truck of this cargo truck service company is the right vehicle to transport frozen meat, fruits and vegetables from Manila to San Fernando.

      If you have a construction project in San Fernando and would like to transport building materials from Metro Manila, Transportify offers an open truck which is just fit for the job. Along with a wide variety of vehicles for logistics services, this cargo truck service company provides numerous in app features which are designed to give clients a pleasant experience.

      With Transportify, you can chat with our customer service personnel at any time of the day. You can also track in real time the progress of your delivery with our app. Lastly, this cargo truck service company offers a business program designed for companies who regularly need delivery services. This program highlights exclusive benefits such as insurance coverage of up to Php 3 million and your very own account manager to assist you in all your bookings.

      Frequently Asked Questions:

      Why should I consider moving my goods from Manila to San Fernando?

      ? As mentioned in this blog, the city of San Fernando in Pampanga has numerous economic and tourist attractions which is sure to attract any businessman or investor. For example, San Fernando is a major agricultural processing center in Central Luzon and numerous Fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies like Coca-cola and Nestle. In order for a business to grow, it must reach more customers and San Fernando offers such opportunities to growing businesses.

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