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      San Fernando to Lucena deliveries made easy with this Cargo freight company

      Businesses all over the Philippines are always on the lookout for ways to improve their services. Whether it is in product innovation or in the area of customer service, improving service levels is always a priority for any business owner. Another area where a business can improve is in the way it does its delivery operations. We all know that this is a difficult task because of many factors involved such as the distance and weather conditions. For example, a route like San Fernando to Lucena is more than 200 kilometers away which means a business would need the help of a cargo freight company if it wants to fulfill delivery requirements.

      Logistics plays such an important role in the day to day operations of a business that it has to be given a priority. No matter how innovative your product is, if you can not distribute it to consumers, you will not be able to grow your business. Not being able to deliver products to customers will leave a bad impression of your company and would negatively affect brand image.

      That is why it is crucial for a business to have robust logistics operations that are capable of adapting to different changes. One way of addressing this problem is to procure more delivery vehicles in order to be able to service all logistics requirements. However, that strategy would be expensive since the cost of a truck is not something cheap. Thus, the best way for a business to fulfill logistics requirements from San Fernando to Lucena is to partner up with a cargo freight company like Transportify.

      San Fernando is known as an agricultural – industrial hub in Pampanga which means agricultural crops are being processed there before commercial distribution. Common products being processed in San Fernando are rice and sugar crops. Afterwards, these goods are being transported from San Fernando to Lucena or any other point in Luzon using delivery vehicles from a cargo freight company like Transportify.

      Lucena has been classified as a highly-urbanized city since the early 90s. There are around 6,000 registered businesses in that area which means it is a place of high economic activity. Thus, there is high potential that the San Fernando to Lucena delivery route is profitable for any business. An agricultural company in San Fernando is likely to be transporting goods to Lucena on a regular basis and for it to be efficient, it needs to outsource the logistics operations to a third party cargo freight company.

      Transportify has a wide range of vehicle types to support any kind of delivery requirement. For example, it has sedans and L300 vans that are capable of doing last mile logistics. Transporting agricultural crops like sugarcane and rice can be done using the pick up truck or long pick up truck of Transportify. In fact, even the mini dump truck can haul agricultural products. For temperature sensitive goods, there is the refrigerated truck perfect for those kinds of deliveries. Lastly, Transportify gives businesses the opportunity to enroll in its corporate account. This is for those companies who regularly require logistics services. By enrolling in the corporate account of Transportify, you get access to exclusive benefits like insurance up to Php 3 million and having your own account manager to help you in your business.

      Frequently Asked Question:

      Why should a cargo freight company service San Fernando to Lucena deliveries?

      As we all know, the distance between San Fernando and Lucena is far and doing the delivery operation yourself is quite tedious. A business would do well to outsource its logistics requirements to a third party cargo freight company in order to be able to focus on more important business processes.

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