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      Subic to Lucena Trucking Company

      The Philippine government has been pushing to create more economic and commercial activities in many different areas outside Metro Manila. This explains the drive of the government to build more roads and infrastructure that support logistics operations across key provincial routes such as from Subic to Lucena in Quezon province. In this article, we will learn how a trucking company could be a great help for this type of logistics requirement.

      The logistics operations of a company, no matter the industry, plays a pivotal role. First of all, without logistics operations, it would be difficult to supply customers with their purchased items. This would cause them to be dissatisfied with your company and could even turn to the competition. Furthermore, these logistics operations could be expensive if not planned out properly. Without the proper scheduling and planning, the cost of logistics operations could grow exponentially which would cause the company to lose a lot of money.

      With these said, it is important to consider the services of a cargo trucking service provider such as Transportify. These companies are well equipped to provide your business with the right logistics services it needs at any time and from anywhere in Luzon. Thus, a company looking for a logistics provider for their provincial delivery operations should consider booking a delivery in the Transportify app.

      What makes Transportify capable of servicing these business logistics requirements? First of all, it has a wide range of delivery trucks that can suit any kind of logistics requirements. It has sedans and L300 vans that can cater to last mile logistics requirements. For larger and bulkier deliveries, it has the 10 wheeler wing van or the 6w Forward truck that can accommodate cargo up to 15 tons. In case you need to move temperature sensitive goods, Transportify has a refrigerated truck. For construction purposes, Transportify has a mini dump truck that can haul construction aggregates such as sand and gravel.

      On top of having a wide range of delivery vehicles, Transportify has a number of in-app services designed to support your delivery booking. For example, it has 24/7 live customer support. These customer service agents are highly trained and are very much capable of handling your problems and concerns when it comes to your delivery booking. The Transportify has a track and trace feature which allows you to closely monitor the progress of your deliveries. It also has the ability to have multiple drop-off locations, an essential feature if you want to make the most out of your single delivery booking.

      Frequently Asked Question:

      Is it necessary to use a trucking company for Subic to Lucena deliveries?

      ? The distance from Subic to Lucena is quite far which means fulfilling all the logistic requirements would be difficult and not sustainable. However, with the help of a trucking company like Transportify, these logistics requirements can be handled easily.

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