Flower Delivery Philippines (100k+ SME Users)

Flower Delivery Philippines (100k+ SME Users)

This Valentine’s Day, take the extra mile and show your love with thoughtfully arranged flowers. Let us help make it easier for you – our flower delivery service is guaranteed to bring brightness and joy to your special someone, family, and friends.

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What Are the Challenges in Flower Delivery?

The biggest problem with flowers is that they aren’t naturally designed to be cut from the ground and placed into display pieces. Now there is a whole variety of different techniques that can be employed to minimize the effects of this process, but at the end of the day, the main thing that they need is to be treated with care.

This can provide a problem as transporting anything can be quite a rough experience, let alone for delicate flowers. Couple the bumpiness of roads with the trauma of traffic and the heat we enjoy in the Philippines, then you begin to see why flowers can arrive looking especially unhappy if the process is handled poorly.

Beat These Challenges By Hiring A Reliable Flower Delivery

This is where 2023’s trusted expert for the best flower delivery Philippines, Transportify. We have sedans, SUVs, and L300s to deliver your delicate gifts on time this coming Heart’s day.

Transportify’s same-day delivery app is the perfect way to make sure your flower gift won’t arrive wilted and lifeless. With air-conditioned vehicles that protect from heat damage and special shelving for delicate cargo, you can be certain your flowers will reach their recipient in picture-perfect condition. For Valentine’s Day or any day this year, ensure a lasting impression with Transportify!

How Can Transportify App Elevate Your Flower Delivery?

Extra Helper

Get an extra set of hands to help you safeguard your bouquets and cakes during delivery. If you are transporting bulky and heavy gifts, your extra helper/s can do the lifting for you!

Multiple Drops

Got a lot of orders within the Metro? No problem! With our app, you can get as many as 15 drops in just one booking. Maximize the cost and time and have peace of mind that their orders will arrive safely and on time.

Bigger Cargo Space

If you think that the bouquet or cake is too big or bulky, then don’t hesitate to book a bigger air-conditioned vehicle for your delicate arrangements.

Live Tracking

Track orders in real-time using our app’s track and trace feature, so you don’t have to wonder about your delivery’s location.

Transportify has a variety of services for delivery vehicle rentals, check the table below to see our available fleet:

Vehicle TypeBase Price
(Metro Manila)
Base Price
(Everywhere Else in Luzon)
Base Price
7 x 7 x 4 ft
430 PHP330 PHP310 PHP
Small Pickup
5 x 5 ft x open
310 PHP250 PHP220 PHP
Light Van
5.5 x 3.8 x 3.8 ft
250 PHP192 PHP225 PHP
5 x 3.2 x 2.8 ft
160 PHP130 PHP140 PHP
3.5 x 2 x 2.5 ft
140 PHP90 PHP100 PHP

Before Anything Else, Properly Pack the Orders of Your Customers

With even the most reliable delivery services, ensuring your flowers are packaged securely is essential for them to arrive unscathed. Select a container that can stand on its own and pad it with extra packaging if necessary. If you are using glass containers, they should be further protected by an outer layer of padding or secure wrapping while they’re en route.

To keep your blooms looking their best during shipping, wrapping them in internal plastic sealing is the ideal way. This is to ensure that they have access to water without risking any spillage. Provide a larger overlap area and set the flowers to remain upright throughout transit. These simple steps will help make your orders will get where you need them to go.

To better serve your customers during the many sentimental occasions, be aware of your role in the marketplace. While flowers are still mainly bought in physical stores and stalls, you cannot deny that the internet is an excellent source for those who are clueless about purchasing them. The internet is so integrated into our lives that anything you need or want can be found online.

Digital markets are no longer just for large brands or niche stores. It very much mimics what you see in real life. You owe it to them to live up to their expectations if they put their trust in you and order from you.

How Do You Stay Competitive in Flower Delivery All Year?

Flower delivery is just one part of the purchasing process. To guarantee good business as a floral shop, you must carve out a unique identity, an undeniable presence, and a reputation that will make people take the plunge without seeing your arrangement in real life.

Carving out an identity for your floral brand is about understanding what you bring to the table. Do you specialize in a specific arrangement or occasion? Hone in the styles that are popular with the masses and make it the main marketing point. Even if you do a little bit of everything, it doesn’t hurt to be known for one thing. When the spotlight is on one arrangement, attention will eventually be drawn to your other pieces.

With the growing demand for reliable shipping solutions, Transportify offers unbeatable rates and convenient scheduling options. While taking advantage of our fleet and expertise, your team can focus on marketing and operations. It’s a winning combination that will draw new customers.

Ambition arrangements require a flower delivery method that matches the piece. Small bouquets might survive a motorcycle delivery, but statement pieces should arrive in a vehicle where it isn’t forced to fit.

Finding the best flower delivery Philippines requires a leap of faith on the part of a first-time buyer, you have to meet their requirements and then some. After you build your initial customer base, you can start reeling in flower deliveries left and right.


Trusted Flower Delivery For B2B and B2C

The best flower delivery Philippines caters to a variety of needs since floral stores aren’t commonly found on every other street people look online. So, who are the flowers for? A popular quote says, “Flowers are for the living, not the dead.

However, if you take an introspective look at the presence of flowers in your life, you can see that they make their way through a slew of events. When you think about who the flowers are for, the answer is simple: they are for everybody. Flowers are for all occasions.

All flower deliveries deserve to reach the recipient in good condition. They can be personal treats, messages, and gifts. If they come to the recipient damaged, their use becomes diluted. Working with Transportify through our Corporate Account for Business allows you to extend into the flower delivery process. To become the best flower delivery Philippines, you need to work with a partner who knows your goal and works towards making it happen.

Check out Transportify for your flower delivery or any other delivery needs. We can deliver any form of gifts whether for B2B or B2c purposes. Download the Transportify app by scanning the QR Code or clicking the buttons below:

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Is flower delivery service available in the Philippines?

🚚 Delivering frail items like flowers can be a challenge. So choosing the best flower delivery service means they are complete with equipment to preserve the freshness of the plants. Motorcycles can be a good choice if the distance of delivery will be very near. Doing this over longer distances, especially during noon can wilt the flowers immediately. Ensuring that something delicate like flowers will be delivered safely is a top priority. Since the reason for the flowers. Some flower shops don’t offer delivery service, while others partner with third party logistics services to help them with their deliveries.

Which shops have the best flower delivery?

🚚 Luxury flower shops are becoming a trend for the past 5 years. Imported flowers and artistic arrangements are booming not just on special occasions. However, these expensive products require extreme care since of course customers prefer giving them in pristine condition. Petalier is an example of a flower shop that can be considered as an “average” flower shop from years ago. Until they partnered with Transportify, a third party logistics provider, in delivering their flowers. This is because the fleet of Transportify is composed of SUVs and MPVs that are air-conditioned which is the ideal delivery vehicle for a flower business. Since then, Petalier has become a popular choice not just during Valentine’s day but also for any occasion that involves flowers.


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