L300/Van ★

L300 and Van

L300/Van is best for businesses that need to rent a van for delivery of supplies and cargo. To book an L300/Van vehicle, schedule your deliveries 30 minutes before the pick-up time or up to two weeks in advance.


The price includes the standard service, driver fee, vehicle use, fuel, and loading/unloading by the driver. Parking and tolls are extra and will be subject to reimbursement. Approved reimbursements are added and itemized in your monthly invoice for business customers.

Regular L300/Van

Service AreaBase Price+ Per KMFull Day Price
(10 hours flat rate)
Metro Manila and South Luzon (Batangas)430 PHP27 PHP2800 PHP
Everywhere Else in Luzon330 PHP22 PHP2600 PHP
VisMin310 PHP25 PHP2600 PHP


Service AreaBase Price+ Per KMFull Day Price
(10 hours flat rate)
Metro Manila and South Luzon (Batangas)713 PHP27 PHP3150 PHP
Everywhere Else in Luzon593 PHP22 PHP2950 PHP
VisMin585 PHP25 PHP2950 PHP


*To book a van, pick Regular as your vehicle type and add Commuter/Hiace Type Van in “Services” for free. More details HERE.

Service Inclusion

Get these full-service logistics solutions when you book an L300/Van using the Transportify app:

  • Driver
  • Fuel
  • Loading/Unloading
  • Live Support 24/7
  • App Features
  • 10 hours of delivery service with a reasonable driving route within 40 KM radius of the pickup address (Applicable for Full Day bookings only)

You can also take advantage of our app’s smart features to track your deliveries in real-time, optimize your routes to save more, or use our in-app customer & driver chat. To know more about the standard service of L300/Van, you may click HERE.

To know more about our Full Day service, click HERE.

Extra Services

Legend: * - Applicable for Regular vehicle type only
Extra ServicesStandard ServiceFull Day Price
Extra Helper200 PHP(1st and 2nd drop off)
50 PHP(3rd to 10th drop off)
FREE(11th to 15th drop off)
400 PHP
Special Help60 PHP(1st and 2nd drop off)
30 PHP (3rd to 10th drop off)
20 PHP (11th to 15th drop off)
400 PHP
Overtime100 PHP per hour
Up to 6 hours
*Commuter/Hiace Type VanFree
*FB-Type VanFree
Customer StaffFree
Max of 2 staff
Pay Your Driver Directly Using GCashFree
Require Transportify ID BadgeFree
Reflectorized Vest10 PHP
Safety Gloves10 PHP
Hard Hat15 PHP
Safety Shoes20 PHP
Push Cart30 PHP
Aircon Required55 PHP
Document Printing250 PHP
Tip for Driver50 PHP Increments

Proof of Delivery (POD)

# of Drop-OffsPrice
1st - 3rd drop-off80 PHP
4th - 10th drop-off160 PHP
10th - 15th drop-off200 PHP


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