Provisional Authority Trucking Requirements (2024 Update)

 Provisional Authority Trucking Requirements

Also known as “PA,” a Provisional Authority is a permit that lets you operate in certain public activities similar to a Certificate of Public Convenience franchise, also known as “CPC.” For information on how to process it, keep reading!


LTFRB Provisional Authority is temporary trucking requirements permit to operate in such activities as Truck-For-Hire. It is usually permitted while the applicant waits for his/her CPC to be processed. The validity of a Provisional Authority is only limited up to three months from the date of application files. It can only be renewed once (some special cases may overrule this) for another three months of usage upon request.

Provisional Authority Requirements

Secure the following documents and get your Provisional Authority for a truck for hire permit.

OR/CR of the Vehicle

  • Original Receipt (OR) – It proves that you could pay for the vehicle registration in LTFRB.
  • Certificate of Registration

This is where your vehicle’s technical information is. Such as the vehicle class, make and model, chassis and motor number, engine displacement, number of cylinders, gross weight, and the net weight that can be loaded in the vehicle. It also includes the maximum number of passengers that can ride and the owner’s personal information, such as the complete name and home address.

Both trucking requirements usually come in pairs. The Official Receipt (OR) is the blue one, and the Certificate of Registration (CR) is the yellow one.

Government ID

Here are some examples of valid government ID for your trucking requirements:

  • Passport
  • Driver’s License from Land Transportation Office
  • Senior Citizen ID
  • Social Security System Card (SSS)
  • Voter’s ID – Commission on Elections(COMELEC)
  • Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC)
  • Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA)
  • Unified Multi-Purpose Identification (UMID)
  • Philippine Postal ID
  • Government Service Insurance System (GSIS)

Proof of Garage

Everyone knows the traffic situation in the Philippines and how it’s become worse in the last couple of years. One of the huge contributors to that is illegal parking.

It’s always a headache to a commuter whenever we encounter instances wherein instead of having two or more lanes on each side of the road, it usually ends up having one less, making the streets more congested and causing more bottlenecks.

This is a necessary trucking requirement to ensure the government that the vehicle you’re applying for has a proper and legal parking space.

You’ll need two things with the proof of garage trucking requirements:

  1. Photos of the garage – Make sure to take clear images, and the parking slot is easy to identify by the checker of your application.
  2. Supporting document that the garage belongs to you – Some examples of this would be the land title documents, and if you’re leasing your space, you can also provide the Lease Of Contract.

If you don’t have your place or intend to park the vehicle elsewhere, there’s still a go-around with it. If you’re living or doing business with any of your family members or relatives, you may use their garage for the photos and the supporting documents mentioned earlier. Along with the said trucking requirements, you’ll also need an additional notarized letter of authorization from your relative who has the right to the parking space.

Department of Trade and Industry Permit (DTI)

As part of your trucking requirements, we suggest you check your permit coverage to ensure your Provisional Authority application runs smoothly.

  • The type of business in this permit should fall under delivery, hauling, trucking, or transport services.
  • Make sure that the coverage of the permit is in the National scope. Note that your Provisional Authority application won’t accept the Barangay, Municipal, and Regional scope.


To complete your initial Provisional Authority trucking requirements, you need a stencil that can be acquired in the Land Transportation Office (LTO). Stenciling is a procedure wherein the motor vehicle’s engine and chassis number are obtained to ensure they are registered to the specific vehicle. Also, an additional security measure is applied by the land transportation office to ensure that the vehicles are obtained through legal means.

Once you complete all these requirements, you can apply for your Provisional Authority at LTFRB. Meanwhile, you may proceed with preparing your additional Certificate of Public Convenience trucking requirements.

After 30 working days, your Provisional Authority will be issued by LTFRB. For now, while your CPC trucking requirements are not yet processed, you can now start earning with Transportify.

What Are The Advantages of Joining Transportify?

Gain Access to Thousands of Customers

Transportify has thousands of daily bookings available for you. We have a diverse clientele that includes FMGC, construction, food, BPOs, and individual deliveries.

You can also sign up for various vehicles, as Transportify accepts many vehicle types for deliveries. You can check the approved vehicles in this table:

Vehicle IconVehicle TypeQualified Vehicle

Sedan and MPV/SUV

Qualified Vehicle:
(1) All major make/models of sedans and hatchbacks
(2) Examples: Suzuki Ertiga, Vios, Mirage, Almera, Ciaz, Wigo, Picanto, SUVs/MPVs, etc
(3) Year model is 2004 or newer

Light Van

Qualified Vehicle:
(1) Examples: Gratour FB, Suzuki Multicab, Suzuki APV FB, L200 FB, Hilux FB, MPV/SUV models with seats removed.
(2) Year model is 2004 or newer

L300/H100/FB Body

Qualified Vehicle:
(1) All major make/models of L300
(2) Examples: L300 FB, H100, K2500, Travis H5
(3) Year model is 2004 or newer


Qualified Vehicle:
(1) All front facing seats must be removed except driver and passenger seats.
(2) Examples: Urvan, Hiace, Starex, New Traveller
(3) Year model is 2004 or newer

Small Pickup

Qualified Vehicle:
(1) All major make/models of pickup trucks
(2) Examples: Toyota Hilux, Nissan Navarra, Mitsubishi Strada, Ford Ranger
(3) Year model is 2004 or newer

Closed Van

Qualified Vehicle:
(1) All 4-wheel and 6-wheel light commercial trucks with Closed Van body and Gross Vehicle Weight (GVM) of 4tons-4.5tons.
(2) Examples: Most popular models are from Isuzu, Fuso and Foton
(3) Year model is 2004 or newer

Open Truck

Qualified Vehicle:
(1) All 4-wheel and 6-wheel light commercial trucks with pickup body and Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) of 4tons-4.5tons
(2) Minimum pickup body length = 10ft and must have tarpaulin ready
(3) Examples: Isuzu Elf, Isuzu NKR, Foton Tornado
(4) Year model is 2000 or newer

6w Fwd Truck

Qualified Vehicle:
(1) Length must be 18ft or more
(2) 6w Fwd Trucks with wing van body
(3) Most popular model is Forward from Isuzu
(4) 2004 model or newer

Wing Van (32ft and 40ft)

Qualified Vehicle:
(1) Any 10 wheel or 14 wheel truck with Wing Van body
(2) 2004 model or newer

Canopy Multicab

Qualified Vehicle:
(1) Accepted in Visayas and Mindanao area only. 
(2) Examples: Suzuki Every
(3) Year model is 2004 or newer

Flexible Schedule

Be your boss. Our platform allows you to receive different bookings that will complement your time.

  • Immediate: This allows you to accept quick bookings.
  • Scheduled: These are bookings scheduled within the day or up to two weeks in advance.
  • Full-Day: There are times when a customer must bring items to different locations, and the time’s uncertain. There’s a fixed rate for this booking that lasts 10 hours.

Daily Payout

Collections are usually problems that many operators encounter when they’re making transactions with some customers. Transportify aids this headache by assuring you that you will get your money daily.

We have two types of customers in Transportify. These are business and non-business customers.

  • Business Bookings: Business bookings are created by our customers that are signed up for our business program. They do not give cash to the drivers; instead, they are billed monthly. Drivers will get credits and their entire day’s payments via GCash.
  • Cash Bookings: Non-business customers make cash bookings. These types of customers pay in cash right after a booking is completed.

What are some advantages of the two types of customers?

With cash bookings, you can immediately receive cash and use it for your own needs as soon as a booking gets completed. While with business bookings, you get more earnings since the commissions that Transportify gets are less than cash bookings.

There are many other things to consider that will vary based on your opinion. Many drivers opt for both types of booking, considering that the distance of delivery, pickup point, and drop-off points are great ways to identify in optimizing your bookings. If our route is optimized, you can save more on fuel and get more trips.

Click here for more frequently asked questions about Transportify driver application.

Favorite Driver Assignment

Get regular trips from a specific customer. This feature allows the customer to select drivers that have good relationships with them based on the previous transactions they’ve encountered.

Being a favorite driver allows you first to receive when they request a booking. If you aim for regular trips from customers, you’ll have to make sure that you practice professionalism and consistency in every trip you take.

Being a part of a favorite list can be advantageous to drivers since being familiar with the bookings means better performance for the driver, making them easier to manage. A good relationship with customers is always a good thing in the logistics industry.

Deliver To Many Locations

Transportify also offers trips in a lot of service areas. Trips like this are usually made through scheduled trips. If you’re a driver who makes trips from provinces to Metro Manila, or you’re planning to go back to your region, you can take advantage of this by getting scheduled fixed-price route trips to any point in Luzon.

Instead of going to provinces with you paying for the expenses, make the customers do it for you by accepting delivery trips. Remember that this shouldn’t be done with your family members, especially your wife, since the only person/s allowed to go with you on the trip would be your extra helper/s. We want to make our deliveries professional, and bringing your wife with you won’t be a good impression on the customer.​

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the things you can do with your Provisional Authority?

🚚 A Provisional Authority acts as a temporary permit in operations in public activities like a Truck-For-Hire franchise. It is usually used while waiting for your Certificate of Public Convenience to be processed. Meanwhile, if you already have your Provisional Authority, you may now take the opportunity to earn more by booking with Transportify by signing up on our platform.

What are the things you should expect when processing trucking requirements?

🚚 Doing business with your truck means you’ll have to be prepared with the documents needed for different applications, such as getting a franchise, business permits, and a lot more. We do suggest that you keep your documents stored and organized correctly. Prepare photocopies of the documents you have, like your driver’s license, OR/CR, or the vehicle records you were able to acquire during your application. Preparing will save you time in case a copy of a document is needed for your next use. Applying for permits means going through many interconnected processes, so your patience is a must here. Overall, you can consider this as an investment. All businesses start somewhere, and you can start doing it by processing the requirements needed for your trucking business to reap the benefits later on.


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