Trucking Company for Less Than Truckload LTL Shipping

Trucking company for less than truckload shipping

Logistics and delivery operations are of paramount importance for any business. It enables businesses to deliver goods to distribution centers or customers’ homes. Without logistics operations to support your business, it would be difficult to satisfy customer demands and grow the company.

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To satisfy all your logistics needs, partnering up with a trucking company is essential. However, most of these logistics companies charge you for the space of the entire truck even though your deliveries do not occupy the space of the entire vehicle. In this scenario, the less than truckload (LTL) shipping option offered by Transportify is the right choice for your business. Learn more about this service in this article.

Less Than Truckload Services Company In The Philippines

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, logistics operations are necessary to support trade and commerce. A Eurasian Journal of Social Sciences article states that the logistics industry is important to a country since it creates employment opportunities and enables trade and commerce from local and international entities.

According to The Manila Standard, the worldwide growth of the logistics market is expected to increase at 4.5% annually until around 2024. This only shows no signs of slowing down for the logistics sector on a global scale.

At the micro level, businesses all over the Philippines need, in one way or another, logistics services to support their operations. The fact that we are an archipelago composed of more than 7,000 islands just shows the necessity of a trucking company for moving goods across different places. A business must have all the logistics capabilities possible to get its products to the right destination.

A freight trucking company in the Philippines offers many services to its clients so that they can fulfill customer needs. The major benefits of using freight LTL truck is improved efficiency and cost savings. One solution is to partner up with a logistics company with system integration capability. This allows seamless data transfer between the company’s internal system and the logistics provider.

Another solution offered by most cargo trucking service providers is 24/7 express same day delivery operations. Through this service, a business can deliver its goods at any time.

However, if your problem is not being able to entirely occupy the space of a truck or closed van for cargo and delivery service, then the solution to your problem is less than truckload freight (LTL) shipping.

Through less than truckload services, the space of a truck or delivery vehicle is divided among the different individual clients or businesses. That means you only have to pay for the space occupied by your products. This makes LTL shipping an ideal solution for small businesses that need to transport their goods but can not fully occupy the space of a delivery vehicle.

The table below shows the difference between the LTL and FTL services of Transportify.

What Is Less Than Truckload Shipping?

LTL shipping refers to the method of sharing the cargo space of a truck with other clients. Volume less than truckload freight shipping is used when a company does not have enough cargo to occupy the entire space of a delivery vehicle.

Instead of renting the whole cargo truck and only occupying a small portion of that space, less than truckload shipping allows many businesses to share the space of a delivery truck and only pay for the space that their cargo occupies. Thus, many companies want to partner with freight transportation providers offering LTL shipping rates to save on logistics costs.

There are many cases where a company would choose LTL shipping solutions over full truckload shipping. For example, a retail company wants to replenish stocks of a certain brand of shoes in its distribution center.

It plans to send boxes containing these shoes from the warehouse to the distribution center. However, it cannot fully occupy the entire space of the closed van rental for business deliveries. If the retail company pushes through with its plan of renting the entire space of a closed van, it will not optimize the delivery cost because there will be plenty of unused space. On the other hand, a less than truckload industry shipping solution gives the right value for money because you only have to pay for the space you occupy.

Many businesses all over the world have benefited greatly from LTL shipping companies. With this option, they can cut logistics costs while still being able to deliver goods and products. A trucking company should consider including less than truckload freight shipping in its portfolio of logistics services because businesses are always looking for opportunities to save on transportation costs. Besides reducing logistics costs, there are other benefits of LTL services which are explained below.

What Are The Benefits of Less Than Truckload Shipping?

As mentioned in previous paragraphs, less than truckload freight shipping offers many benefits to those who choose this delivery method. Because it has plenty of benefits, it is no surprise that many businesses look for this service in a trucking company. This section dives into the many benefits offered by LTL shipping.

Get your value for money and save on logistics costs

Reducing costs and optimizing results are always good points for any business. After all, who does not want to spend less while getting more things done? With LTL shipping, you can still achieve your goal of moving products from point A to point B but at a reduced cost.

On top of that, you will get more value for your money since you only pay for the space occupied by your cargo. Thus, businesses that do not ship large amounts of goods can greatly benefit from this logistics option. You can check out this article to learn more about the advantages of less than truckload services (LTL) shipping.

Reduce carbon footprint

Finding ways to reduce pollution is a must for a trucking company. Whether it is optimizing its delivery route or cutting down its number of vehicles on the road, finding ways to reduce carbon dioxide emissions is necessary. Less than truckload shipping offers a way to achieve this goal of lessening carbon footprint.

Instead of multiple companies using a different truck and occupying only a small amount of space, multiple companies can share the space of a single truck, thus reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Thus, truck freight LTL shipping is a greener option than full truckload service because it reduces the number of vehicles on the road.

Gives you more flexible options

With LTL shipping, your company does not have to wait until it has enough shipments to fill up an entire truck. You can easily send goods when they are needed without having to worry about paying too much. Since you only have to pay for the space your goods occupy, LTL shipping gives your company better flexibility when planning delivery operations.


After discussing the concept of less than truckload and the many benefits it provides, it is safe to say that a trucking company must optimize its LTL shipping in its portfolio of services in order to be able to service the different needs of its customers.

On the side of the business owner, LTL shipping provides a cost-efficient and environmentally friendly option. You only have to pay for the space occupied by your shipment and share the unused space with other clients. Doing so reduces the number of delivery vehicles on the road, which translates to less carbon dioxide emissions.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the benefits of less than truckload shipping?

📦 Less than truckload shipping offers plenty of benefits. First, it allows clients to save on logistics costs because they only have to pay for the space their shipments occupy. Compared to full truckload logistics, LTL gives you more value for money. Another benefit is flexibility when it comes to delivery operations. A business does not have to wait until it has enough shipments to fill up an entire truck. Through less than truckload shipping, it can transport goods at any time.

Should my company avail of LTL shipping services?

📦 If your business regularly ships small quantities of goods that can not fill up a delivery truck, then availing of LTL shipping services is the best option. With LTL shipping, you only pay for the space your cargo occupies. This translates to logistics cost savings and more value for money.


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