Philippine Daily Inquirer Features Transportify Philippines

Philippine Daily Inquirer Features Transportify Philippines

On September 10, Philippine Daily Inquirer’s online news website published a business article featuring Transportify Philippines.

In the article titled Transportify aims to make life easier for SMEs, the locally-renowned publication and news website discussed how the on-demand delivery service provider contributed to the growth of small-to-medium entrepreneurs (SMEs). Transportify’s Head for Sales and Marketing Noel Abelardo and Head of Operations Paulo Bengson were also interviewed for this article.

The article introduced Transportify as a logistics support app that first started in Thailand back in 2015 under the name Deliveree. There was even a brief description on how Transportify Philippines’ web and mobile app works. It also mentioned some of the vehicle model options available such as Sedan, Hatchback, MPV/SUV, L300, and 4 and 6-wheeler trucks, including the price range and extra services.

The article went on how Transportify Philippines helped SMEs with effective logistics management, making Transportify a very reliable third-party logistics (3PL) partner. Abelardo and Bengson then “realized the relevance of their services to micro, small and medium enterprises.”

A story about one Transportify customer was even cited:

“[The client] spent most of his time managing his deliveries instead of growing his business. The driver he employed wasn’t really a logistics delivery driver. Because his clients were mostly restaurants, he needed to receive certain documents, receipts, payables, and the driver, no matter how many times he was trained, couldn’t really get it. So what our client used to do was to drive his own car ahead of his driver, so the latter could follow,” Abelardo says. “When we came in, it was a blessing for him.”

Because of the number of benefits SMEs gain from making Transportify their 3PL partner, larger enterprises are now using the Transportify app.

With its market stemming from individual personal senders, to SMEs, and to larger enterprises, Transportify has clearly grown during its establishment in the Philippines. Now, Abelardo and Bengson said that they are planning to add more features to the app to further revolutionize delivery services in the country. Furthermore, there are also plans to expand throughout Southeast Asia where logistics needs are high.


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