3PL Logistics Solution for SME (1M Businesses)

3PL Logistics Solution SME

2020’s Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are an emerging trend in the retail industry. They can provide customers the ease of access and the power of personalization through the use of different tools – social media, product delivery, and payment convenience, among others.

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Behind this fast-paced and favorable service is SME logistics, an essential component that plays a massive role in keeping the business going. It involves strategizing how SMEs can strengthen their logistics solution by minimizing their costs while maximizing profits – without, of course, putting into risk the level of service delivered.

Hiring a staff to handle SME logistics can be expensive, and is not ideal for these businesses. If your company runs in this niche, a cost-effective way you can do is to consider a third-party logistics solution or 3PL logistics. The following points shall tell you why and how.

3PL Utilizes Modern SME Logistics Equipment and Tools

One of the challenges that SMEs have to deal with is the struggle of having skilled human resources that are competitive enough to help them in the industry, especially when it comes to their logistics solution.

Most competitive logistics practitioners today would go a long way of going for high-paying large enterprises as they are already established, and their careers are already stable. This gives less room for small and medium-sized enterprises to be a top option against the competitive ones.

Additionally, not everyone in SME is commonly familiar with modern SME logistics equipment and tools. As a starting enterprise, there is only limited access to these tools and equipment, leaving them with the problem of finding out how the SME logistics system would operate. A third-party logistics (3PL) partner is the solution.

3PL or third-party logistics is a medium of outsourcing for logistics, and this can significantly help SMEs in a way that they get to have additional help that is familiar with how the system goes. Through 3PLs, it is proven that it’ll be easier for SMEs to sustain their daily operation and logistics solutions without worrying about how to manipulate it.

3PLs Can Offer Quality Services At Lower Costs

Aside from having a hard time encouraging 2020’s competitive logistics practitioners to be a part of an SME, setting up one’s own logistics team can cost more money. This does not only involve every logistics employee’s pay; it also includes costs for the fleet required, vehicle gasoline, logistics equipment (e.g., software and other hardware), and contingency funds, among others.

SMEs do not earn as much as large and established enterprises do, which means that they could not afford that much for setting up their own logistics team. Practically speaking, it would be ideal for SMEs to turns to outsource services instead.

3PL logistics truck shipping and other quality services are being offered at much lower costs. All it takes is a careful selection of a third-party logistics partner that can accommodate your business needs.

3PLs Have More Resources And Can Make SMEs More Competitive

More than the accessibility and cost-efficiency, 3PL is the proven complete package as it consists of all the resources needed – from the fleet, software, and hardware, up to the skilled practitioners who operate the system. All that is left to do is to instruct them how you wish your business to be done.

With 3PLs, SMEs can also become competitive as they would have direct access to logistics knowledge and skills that large enterprises have. This makes it easier for them to achieve their business goals, and eventually become a growing enterprise with increased sales and profit.

3PLs Are Ideal For Any SME Logistics Requirement

Dedicated 3PLs are committed to providing quality logistics solutions, and a crucial part of their business is selecting goal-driven partners that are geared towards creating mutually beneficial relationships. For example, choosing their transportation system partner has a bearing on how they would have SME packages delivered.

3PLs with outstanding transportation systems and services can be ideal for any small and medium-sized enterprises: food, heavy equipment, letters, wet or dry products, fragile materials, etc. With the help of competitive transportation systems, transporting packages become easier for 3PLs and SMEs.

Transportify is a company that provides exemplary transportation services for third party logistics, SME logistics needs, and other companies that require specific delivery requirements. We can provide same-day delivery and services that are especially helpful for enterprises that deliver perishable goods. Kats Happy Food, a blog that focuses on the food industry, even highlighted how Transportify is an “awesome ingredient” for baking. It’s proven that SMEs can be successful in growing businesses with 3PL logistics and transportation services. Have a look at Transportify’s business program below.

DetailsProgram Features
Live SupportOpen 24/7
Postpay with Monthly InvoicingAvailable
DestinationsUp to 16
2.50% of invoice
Min of ₱80
(Flat Fee/Booking)
POD Only
₱80 for ≤ 3 Drops
₱160 for ≤ 10 Drops
₱200 for ≤ 15 Drops
WarrantyUp to ₱3 million
Outside Service AreaAvailable
Business Web DashboardTeam Account Management Customized Reports


The proven success of every SME lies within the products they produce and how these can reach their customers on time with the utmost convenience. 3PL logistics and transportation systems like Transportify help small and medium-sized enterprises with their delivery needs, offering an ideal and, without a doubt, cost-effective solution for product transportation.

More 3PL Logistics Solution To Better SME Logistics Management

Transportify is not only ideal because of how well they fit with the current SME’s needs, but with how they factor in with their plans.

3PL Logistics Services Create Opportunities

SMEs may turn to 3PL logistics services to address their lack of workforce and range but can easily stay because of the opportunities the partnership provides them. Transportify connects them to customers in areas where large trucking services are costly, and distances motorcycles cannot travel. Transportify allows them to stock items that cannot be delivered via motorcycle because of the size and weight. The track and trace feature that provides real-time information is a logistics solution that promotes trust and assurance for a customer’s first-time experience with online purchases. The opportunity of creating a relationship with a customer because of having their needs met is something that cannot be bought and takes years of consistent service to accomplish. 3PL logistics can make repeat customers for SMEs. They can be a learning experience that may help SME logistics improve and become more efficient.

As the SMEs expand, their in-house delivery services can mimic the logistics solutions 3PLs introduces and therefore changing the logistics industry bit by bit or become long-term partners that prompt others to do the same.

Other 3PL Features that Can Better Support SME Logistics

Transportify does not only have 2020’s modern technology, workforce, and vehicles for deliveries. They also have extra features that help SME logistics solution improve. There is a two-way chat feature to contact the driver directly about any reminders about the package and where the driver can inform you about any concerns about the delivery. They have a track and trace feature for the customers to consult to understand the location about the product better and move along with their schedule instead of waiting around with no estimated time of arrival (ETA). There is an extra helper that can help carry the package delivery, which means no drops and accidental falls for large and fragile packages. There are also different capacity options to send your package better.

3PL logistics is not just about finding a vehicle that can drive from point a to point b, it is about giving SMEs a hassle-free delivery experience so they can focus on their primary service. Transportify is a 3PL logistics solution that is fitted out to be any SME’s partner in reaching their customers and giving them a professional delivery experience.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What logistics solution does 3PL provides to businesses?

? By Partnering with a 3PL, you instantly save up on cost since you’ll only spend on the actual delivery and not on the maintenance and other expenses. Another benefit is you’ll have more time to focus on your business since you won’t have a fleet to take care of. Lastly, you’ll have the ability to deliver your goods faster since 3PLs are available 24/7.

Who is the best 3PL logistics company for SMEs?

? Maersk and Yusen Logistics are leading international 3PL logistics company that might not be cost friendly to SME. The best alternative is Transportify, a trucking logistics app, that offers savings of up to 40% compared to traditional logistics company with its unique pricing matrix.


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