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Most Affordable Delivery Service API

In today’s fast-paced and busy world, information flows at such great speed across vast distances in a matter of seconds. This upscale in technological innovation has benefitted many industries, from manufacturing goods to the healthcare industry. Because of these improvements in technology, many industries can do more with the limited resources available to them. In this article, we will talk about the benefits of the technological revolution in the logistics field. The rise of the delivery service API (Application Program Interface) has enabled businesses to integrate their systems with the logistics providers. As a result, it makes processes and information flow at a faster rate.

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What is the Delivery Service API?

Have you ever wondered how you can sign in to an e-commerce website using your email or how weather snippets are shown on the home screen of your phone? These are examples of application program interfaces (API) that we use on a daily basis. APIs essentially dictate how two machines interact with each other which allows both systems to exchange data to power newly established processes. For example, data from your email can be passed into the e-commerce website which automatically creates an account for you via API integration.

The table below shows the features of delivery API integration with Transportify.

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API System Integration
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Get Quote
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Create Bookings
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Amend Bookings
Manage Bookings
Manage Bookings
Driver Location & ETA
Driver Location & ETA
Delivery Confirmation
Delivery Confirmation

In the context of logistics, a delivery service API integration protocol is being used. An API delivery is a type of integration between the system of the logistics provider and that of the business entity. This allows the business to access the server of the logistics provider and create or schedule delivery bookings using its own system or website.

Through delivery service API integration, the business can ride on the advancements of technology and scale up the operations of the company. However, API integration is quite rare for most affordable delivery service providers. Usually, it is an expensive cloud-based B2B (business to business) logistics software that offers these types of integration with companies. But with Transportify, even SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) can connect their system with us. In the section below, we will take a look at the advantages of doing delivery service API integration with a most affordable delivery service provider such as Transportify.

Minimize operational costs in the business

For many business owners, minimizing cost is a key metric in evaluating the benefits of a new product or service. In the case of delivery service API, it can minimize overall business costs in two ways.

First of all, the business owner does not need to invest in multiple delivery trucks. In itself, not having to buy delivery vehicles for the logistics operations of the company is already a big saving. Thus, the business owner can set aside the budget for trucks for other operations such as procuring the latest technology for manufacturing or simply setting up a new facility in the provinces. Furthermore, by outsourcing the logistics operations to a third-party delivery service provider, the company would not have to face inevitable problems in the future such as vehicle breakdowns or maintenance issues.

Another way in which a business can benefit from delivery service API is the fact that it does not require physical space to operate. A disadvantage of owning multiple delivery vehicles is that you need parking space or a garage to keep these vehicles when they are not on the road. However, renting or owning space would always come at a cost for the company. In the case of delivery service API, there is no need to purchase a large parcel of land to keep your logistics operations running. All you need to do is connect your system’s server with that of the logistics company. On top of that, it does not require a lot of manpower as well. 

Enhanced functionality and adaptability

As we have mentioned earlier, the delivery service API integration allows your system to seamlessly interact with the server of the logistics company. This integration greatly improves the functionality and adaptability of your system.

For example, you are a retail company selling all sorts of gym and exercise equipment. You offer the best deals in treadmills, rowing machines, stationary bikes, and many other gym apparatus. Besides having a physical store, you also have a website where customers can purchase products from. And in order to fulfill the last-mile delivery operations, you partner up with a logistics company and schedule the deliveries via phone call and instant messaging. This method of coordinating logistics operations between your company and the delivery provider is slow and prone to several miscommunications. By integrating with the most affordable delivery service API, customers themselves can directly book a Transportify delivery truck on your website after they purchase a treadmill.

In the scenario illustrated above, one can see that systems integration via the API protocol gives both the business and the logistics provider better means of communication. For instance, there is no need for the company to keep track of all the customer’s delivery addresses. There is also no need to schedule bookings on a regular basis. Through the delivery service API integration, customers themselves can enter all the details and make a booking request at any time using your platform.

Automation in the logistics process

Besides making it easier for your customers to make a delivery booking on your platform, API integration with a logistics company could also streamline and make efficient the internal operations of your business.

For example, a fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) company can integrate with the most affordable delivery service API provider and greatly automate the supply chain operations. With this integration, an FMCG company can automatically dispatch a delivery truck from the warehouse to a particular distribution center once that center has reached a certain level of stock quantity and needs to be resupplied.

Another example would be automating inbound logistics operations from suppliers once a manufacturing plant reaches low levels of a certain raw material. By doing so, the managers and supervisors do not have to constantly evaluate and plan out delivery schedules, a task that is both tedious and time-consuming.


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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is Transportify considered as one of the most affordable delivery service providers?

✔️ Being a technology-enabled logistics company, Transportify does not own any of the vehicles on the platform nor employs any of the drivers. It is simply a platform that connects customers who need their items delivered with drivers who are willing to take those orders for a fee. Transportify is considered one of the most affordable delivery service providers because it has a low base and per kilometer rates for its vehicle classes. Furthermore, the app allows you to customize services which means you only pay for the services that you need. This ability to be highly customizable is what gives Transportify the edge when it comes to affordability.

Should I use a delivery service API for my business?

✔️ It really depends on the circumstances that surround the operations of your business. Most of the time, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are fine with not integrating with Transportify simply because they do not have the capabilities to do so. Thus, the delivery service API integration is the best fit for those companies that have their own mobile app or website and can seamlessly integrate with the Transportify server. For those companies without such assets, the corporate account program of Transportify that offers exclusive benefits would suffice.


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